Needing moral support. Here 6 months, marmande, nr Bordeaux. Been left high and dry

I’ve been here 6 months. Chambre d’hote ready to open…been left high and dry on my own. Would be great to be in touch, either on line or meeting up for coffee. A

Marisa… sorry to hear of your plight.

Please put your full name… as per our Terms and Conditions…


Hi Marisa - You need to give the readers more information, perhaps continuing on from your other post, which to be honest reads like a ‘teaser trailer’ for a novel. Tell us what’s happened, how it happened, your current situation and what your intention and ambition are for the short/long term now you live in France. Then perhaps members can offer practical advice and help - and hopefully the benefit of their experience may provide some solutions. By the way Marmande is much nearer to Agen than Bordeaux.

Marisa also needs to give us her full name… :wink::relaxed:


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Hi Dan,

Yes indeed Agen is nearer and I have been there sourcing various necessities for my house.

I didn’t want to put too much info out there as I didn’t want to bore people with my saga. I thought I would wait for any interested response! I am just figuring out out the way around this website.

Thanks for feedback. Appreciated.

This is my pile of bricks…

What is the problem? You have a lovely house. You have a business ready to go. Get on with it.

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@DGmarmande Marisa

Please will you post your Full Name. That is one of our Terms and Conditions.
As I have already said… if you do not know how to amend your Registration, simply put your Full Name on this thread and I will amend your Registration for you.


Perhaps if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed it might help to think about what you might do in your current situation if you we’re based in the UK? Sometimes it’s easy to get too focused on being in France, and that dominates. Whereas in your home country you would find it easier to pick yourself up, identify the barriers, make some decisions and move forwards.

For example, running a chambre d’hôte single handed could be challenging as it looks from the photo as if you might have quite a few rooms. But over the summer months could you find a young relative who would be prepared to give you a hand with the cleaning in return for a holiday? So look at each issue and see if a solution can be found.

If you are on Facebook suggest you put this message on a group such as LIFT (Ladies in France Together) or Aquitaine Chit Chat.

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Sorry to hear you are in such trouble. By high and dry alone is that meaning your life partner left or business partner (or both)

Agen in lovely, we go close to their often we have season passes to the kids place there

I’m part of a women’s group called Leggies (Lot-et-Garonne girls …). We have a regular monthly lunch and meet-up, visits out, Mostly based around St. Livrade which isn’t too far from Marmande and everyone welcome. If you fancy a meet up then just let me know.

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Sounds like a movie trailer to me… :slight_smile:

I want the missing link. I understand through the blog that life was traumatic but the jump to being ‘left high and dry’ is unexplained.

The laconic style reminds me of the American crime potboilers by James Hadley Chase: No Orchids for Miss Blandish, An Ace Up My Sleeve, A Hole In My Head etc. All of which titles would seem to apply to this Tale Of Gallic Woe teaser… :money_mouth_face:

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Oh dear you poor thing, sometimes it’s good to write down how you feel and what’s happened - happening in your life, especially to share with strangers.
Your house looks beautiful by the way, I hope you get some good guests and Make loads of friends .
Chin up summers arriving :sun_with_face::sun_with_face::blossom::blossom::blossom::cherry_blossom::hibiscus::rose::tulip:

Hi Sandy, thanks for your posting - my husband and I bought a property early this year just outside Monflanquin and are busy with the restauration but I would love to hear more about your group…


Hi Carole
Happy to tell you more. We meet every month (but not during the summer) and our meetings are a mix of informative talks and visits out - in fact we’ve just had an afternoon out at a local alpaca farm which was a fun outing. We meet on the first Monday of every month at Ste Livrade sur Lot and our members are from all over the Lot-et-Garonne. We also have a monthly lunch get together … next one is 28th June at Duras - 20euros for the menu du jour, glass of wine and coffee. It’s very informal and a great ‘network’ particularly if you’re newly arrived in France and finding your way around - there’s always someone who knows the right address, correct form, who to contact, where to buy, how to do, etc. More details on By the way I know Monflanquin well as I go every Wednesday afternoon to do an art class in the square. If you fancy a meet up just let me know.

Hiya, I’m also in Marmande with a house that is a lot nearer a pile of bricks than yours believe me. If you need moral support just drop me a line, me the wife and kids are here to help

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