Neighbouring field - how to find owner and their address?

Anyone had any experience with this? What's the best way to go about finding the owners details?

Thanks David

He has to have an address as presumably he pays taxe fonciƩre on his land. The mairie should have it.

Aha, the same as us, except ours is a 'developer' and has/had plans nobody was getting to see for his land whilst he hides in England. Sure, they will have the address - at least should have it.

Thanks David and Brian.

I do know the owner is English and that he's not in France. I had wondered if it's possible to get online (with a fee I assume)? Since been having a look at but not sure what I want is possible, ie an address for him??

Do as David has said, alternatively play the naive a bit and get the cadastrial plan on line, print it out or simply note the plot numbers then go to the mairie. If the maire has a vested interest or it is a friend's or his own, simply enquiring 'nicely' will not raise hackles in any sense. My OH, since she sells houses, does it all the time.

Go to the Mairie and ask to consult the cadastre. All parcels of land are recorded and the Mairie will have details of the owner.