Neighbours Barn Obstructs view of Church

It was our first foothold at a great price. Besides once the hedge was gone we saw the barn.

Thing is no one said anything before we parted with our cash.

Seemed idealic.

And the people here … in Wales we call them trogs.

Nasty load of people who venture out infrequently.


Val d Azun.

Is it too much to wonder that the great price was due to a ruddy great hideous barn next door that spoils the view of a 12th century church and little can be done about?



You should see my South view since they removed all the power and telephone cables this year, can I upload a photo.


Still would like to know about the law and the past here. Guy is so hostile to me for no reason. Pretty sure they hide loads in the village.


No reason why not. Either drag and drop to the reply pane or otherwise use the Upload symbol image and follow the prompts.

The beast.

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You could always grow a hedge

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Or they could lower the roof

Thing is why they would do it and also who allowed that?

To be honest, I think you’ve got a snowflakes hope in hell to do anything about it. Not worth stressing over and its a lesson learnt


So you did not know that was there before you bought the property :thinking:

Hahaha! Yes! D’y remember everyone had a laugh when Bill Wyman complained to the R.D.Council about the smell of pig manure spread on the fields around his mansion?

I’m interested in the maths. How long have you owned this property? What are you doing to it that will double its price - esp with that barn looming over the garden?

I’ve been trying to sell a very snazzy, total refurb flat in the centre of Spain’s #3 city, the very wonderful Valencia, since this time last year.

The bullish valuation of two agencies, on account of quality of refurb and supposed hike in the market in central VLC has proved to be waaaay off. A third agency got it right. They get their chance, starting tomorrow. :pray:

The pox has really taken the steam out of the property market. I would be very surprised if property in a village in Val d Azun bucks the market to the extent of doubling your money. But - bon chance.

Keep us posted on that, as well as the unfortunate barn.

By the bye: are you from the US? Noticed the American spelling of neighbors.


I was ignorant and trusting, plus that hedge. I think I am to blame for my own mess to some extent.

I just need to know the law a bit.

Life likes to fcku.


Yeah put it down to experience. Nothing wrong in kicking up some dust eh! :wink:

If I spoke about my wife like that she’d leave. :grinning:

Will sell when done, very Jolie and after that barn is down. It will come down.

The South view is enough to sell it.

Let me find a recent.


Need to find one from my House balcon.

But that is where I live.