Neighbours tree fell on my land

Hi everyone,

A neighbours tree fell onto our land, who’s responsible for cutting it up and removing it and who gets to keep the wood?

Thank you!

AFAIK it’s the neighbour’s responsibility (their tree) but there is nothing to stop you negotiating with them to remove it for the wood - quid pro quo. They are entitled to enter your land to deal with it.

Humpf…just happened to us.

Neighbour should remove tree and repair any damage or pay for things to be reinstated. The wood is theirs. However how do you value a pumpkin patch? Squashed flat, so no pumpkins this winter for us and no pumpkin soup for the Telethon. (Last year we had 60 pumpkins, they are my passion).

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hahaha was the pun intended?


Messily, squidgily, I would imagine… :wink:

Yes, collect a prize,

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Number of pumpkins lost x average supermarket price of each.

And the work involved? Preparing the ground since last autumn, swapping seed with fellow pumpkin passionata, growing them from seed, feeding and watering them (a 400m walk up to village fountain and back every day), tending and talking to them. Maybe 120kg at less that 1€ a kg really doesn’t recompense as it’s not the money.

My answer was intended to be slightly tongue in cheek (I usually try to be sensible but a one-liner has an increased chance of being whimsical).

However - while I can’t provide a sum for the emotional investment in growing your own I would venture that the supermarket cost does actually factor in “the work involved” - at least the work a commercial grower puts into his pumpkins as (s)he needs to make a profit.

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from experience round here… a tree falls… if it breaks the fence the tree owner gets it mended… the wood is cut up and taken by agreement between the two parties…

of course, if there is substantial damage (roof tiles/car) then Insurance companies can come into the equation… but, other than that, it is simply dealt with amicably and no money changes hands.

quote=“ptf, post:7, topic:31509”]
Number of pumpkins lost x average supermarket price of each.

These were prize pumkins… there has to be lost earnings from awards, lost prestige in the community and PSD to take into account. How can we be sure this wasn’t carried out by other pumpkin fanciers in the Village. Where’s Inspector Barnaby when we need him?

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nah, this needs a real detective - a French one - Commissaire Maigret at least :wink:

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Sounds more like a case for inspector Clouseau :rofl:

Interesting question: who would be the senior, Inspector or Commissaire?

Commissaire is senior eqiv to Superintendent

Ouf - quite senior, then!

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