Neoliane funeral expenses

I got a phone call yesterday from a company called Neoliane telling me that from 1 August it will be illegal not to have funeral insurance. They say they wrote to me in May but I can’t find the letter. Does anyone know about this? Is it true? and above board? Rather worried it may be a scam

Seems there may be issues:

@fabien are you able to shed any light on this, please?

Are they talking about “selling you a policy” or talking about a policy you have which has expired/been cancelled … or what ??

It may be the heat getting to me… but I think they are trying it on…:zipper_mouth_face::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Thanks for the swift reply Graham. The forum seems helpful and I have sent the email they request. Hope it all works out.

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They sold me a policy yesterday. Then started to feel they were definitely trying it on. Very helpful link in Grarham’s reply. I should have contacted Fabien first.


Wow… what an aggressive way to be selling policies!!! It’s definitely not mandatory to get a funeral insurance and that kind of behaviour should be reported to the insurance regulator (called the ACPR). You’re free to choose whatever you want to be insured for that or not. Just for the sake of the conversation, no policy is mandatory for retired people except for the public liability on various belongings you may have (car, home, etc.).


I can’t get in touch with two of my friends by telephone, as they send all calls direct to messaging to avoid these touts.

That’s great Fabien. I really hope I can cancel. They definitely told me I would be breaking the law if I didn’t get the policy.

Jane the trouble is I felt that it was all wrong but basically got conned. I often don’t answer the phone myself but did so yesterday.

I’m sorry you felt so pressurised.

If they deny it remind them of the “Article L112-2-1” of the “Code des assurances” and if they still “play dumb” you’ll have to send them a registered letter and they won’t be able to deny it (legally speaking). To be noted that you should keep the blue receipt (if you send the register letter) and you can only do that within 14 days after the policy started. Also note that if they agree to the cancellation over the phone don’t trust them and ask a proof of cancellation over email. Without the proof send the register letter anyway. Hope this will help? Kind regards,


surely all that is required there is for you to leave a message so they will call you back?

Good news. I got an email from them this morning to confirm that the contract has been cancelled. Phew!


Great news - well done

I’m sure someone has already said, or I read it somewhere… but here it is again…

Printout a copy of the Cancellation Confirmation Email from Neoline and keep it with (whatever) Neoline paperwork you have.

Do NOT delete the Neoline emails on your computer - that way, the trail is clear for all to see, with no funny stuff… :upside_down_face::wink:

Thanks Stella - good advice

Are you absolutely sure Neoline are not needing a Letter from you ???

I’d follow the advice given by @fabien anyway and send a letter registered - just to be certain.

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They didn’t say in either email anything about a registered letter. But yes probably a good idea. Thanks.

Almost certainly, it will be in the small print of the contract/paperwork, somewhere - “they/whoever” hide these things away sometimes…:wink: