Neoliane funeral expenses

I make it a rule NEVER to respond to cold calls by phone - if it does by any chance sound like something useful I ask them to write to me (in fact they rarely do so).


If they mislead you once Harriet then I don’t think they’ll have any problems doing it again! I echo all those recommending you send them a registered letter.

Usually I don’t either. Not thinking clearly and they were very convincing once they started their patter

Thanks Debby

I think the heat has a lot to answer for :zipper_mouth_face: - that and the barrage of phone calls we are all getting at the moment -it’s enough to do anyone’s head in.

Some years ago, our commune suffered a series of “sales” to Brits - smiling salesman who assured them ( in beautiful English) that the contract (written in French) said this, that and the other. Huh.

'Nuff said. Since then, folk of all nationalities, have been advised to run past the Secretaire at our Mairie , any contract written in a language they do not fully understand (or me, for an initial look if they are shy) BEFORE signing. (if someone has signed, they know to run to the Mairie to check that all is in order. )

Oh… and never do anything over the phone… :face_with_raised_eyebrow::roll_eyes:

yup… you’ve joined their ‘suckers’ list so expect calls from all and sundry trying it on.

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