Nerve agent victims recovering well


It‚Äôs not outwith the bounds of possibility that she may something to say that sheds light on ‚Äėwho dunnit‚Äô to her and her Pop. I wonder if the delay in giving the Russians access to her is because she may let something out of the bag that would blow apart the ‚ÄúPutin did it‚ÄĚ story still doing the rounds. Be that as it may, it‚Äôs good news that she is recovering.

The story has dropped off the front pages now in favour of the ‚ÄúJeremy Corby is an anti-S√©mite‚ÄĚ trope that is still presumably going to run its sleazy course until the local elections are over. Meanwhile the racial purist hard-liners in the Knesset pursue their own ruthless and bloodthirsty pogrom against the disinherited Palestinians. When I protested in the 1950s against apartheid I was called a nigger-lover by some very respectable posh types in London, so I shan‚Äôt flinch at anti-semite from the same or a similar quarter 60+ years later, my conscience in that respect is clear. :wink:


Hear hear Peter…15 killed and close to 800 injured already in Gaza…_unarmed_and peaceful protesters on land day…a cry for help …Gaza has no military capability…picked off by IDF snipers…x :frowning:

Yep Yulia is a Russian resident who was in the U.K. on holiday…its unbelievable that London is attempting to deny access for her to a Russian representative…back to Gaza and the plight of the Palestinians…Gerry Adams is also taking a stand…

Cynthia McKinney… image

I’m gonna shush for now as I feel a rant coming on… this is from 2015… It’s notable that many Israeli youth have been and are refusing conscription… A message to humanity…

You are brave and right to speak out, Helen6, about injustices you think should be exposed. The Israeli Government‚Äôs policy of repression and collective punishment applied to Palestinian dissidents is always condoned by the British and American establishments, using the holocaust as a justification and the calumny of terrorist-sympathiser against those of us willing to criticise. The illegal and grotesque wall around the occupied territories is an affront to human decency IMO. It reminds me of South Africa under apartheid, which I witnessed. Deliberate dehumanisation, and a strategy of slow but purposeful elimination of a race, based on a theory of racial superiority ‚ÄúGod‚Äôs Chosen People‚ÄĚ. But many young Israelis and some of their parents will help the Palestinians overthrow the regime, it is inevitable, and the retribution may be terrible when it occurs.

This is not a rant. I am calm and rational. History is on our side, the side of justice, of international fellowship and equity, and peaceful coexistence. It is just a matter of time. :palestinian_territories::south_africa::zambia:

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I don‚Äôt negate any human suffering in any country‚ĶYemen Syria Iraq Afghanistan Lybia Africa too many countries to mention‚Ķincluding the tyranny against the poverty stricken in the U.K‚ĶI hear from one source that Trump is pulling the troops out of Syria‚Ķgreat if it‚Äôs true‚Ķthat Moscow has provided a humanitarian coridoor to evacuate Ghouta‚Ķgreat‚ĶI don‚Äôt get Turkey‚Äôs stance at the minute‚Ķthe ‚Äúpresidents‚ÄĚ of North Korea (CIA‚Ķ???) and South Korea‚Ķthe meeting in Beijing‚Ķthe one belt one road‚Ķbut while the U.K and especially England are not standing up and calling out this latest massacre in Gaza against unarmed desperate people whilst being the second largest arms dealer and the US is funding Israel in millions per day‚Ķthen it needs calling out‚ĶYes I think the tide is turning‚Ķx :slight_smile: