Net-Enterprises registration problem

I have made some progress to get registered on net-enterprises so that I can pay my cotisations on line. However, I have got to this screen but have no idea which one(s) of the declarations I need to select. I want to use it to manage the Declaration Trimestrelle de Chiffre D'Affaires which I have previously done by paper and cheque! Any thoughts? I normally pay against "Presentation de Services" if that helps! Thanks in advance

Oh dear! I'll have another look around and see what I can sort out. Thanks anyway

Nope it's none of them either. I think you have gone too far and missed one of the earlier stages when you declare you are AE - the lists you have on the screen are all relevant to more complicated statutes.

Here are the other options available - anything look familiar?

Looks like you have gone too far, it's ages since I did our registration though, are there some options at the top of the screen as none of those are what you need?