Netflix France

Other Netflixes are available, if you live in the right place, or if you are tech savvy enough to manage it. :wink: :rofl:
I am neither of those 2 things so I watch it, sometimes, but as much of it is so dire sometimes there are weeks between visits.

But let’s take the dire first.
I watched a TV thing called The Fall, set in post ‘troubles’ Northern Ireland. I watched it to the end of the first episode when I expected to encounter the denouement. I hadn’t realised it wasn’t a film. I thought to give it up several times but, like a junkie l kept taking more punishment. It was terrible, slow and much of the plot was irrelevent. Finally it started to warm up around Season 3 (yes, I know, I am a masochist :roll_eyes:) and came to a surprising conclusion at the end of Episode 6. 2 weeks which I will never get back again.

Yesterday, I fought gallantly against it but decided on one more throw of the dice, but this time I chose a film, no more endless, meaningless, seasons for me. And what did I find? A gem.

I will say no more than the fact that it is 2 hours or so long and I watched all but the last half hour last night, and have just finished it. It is not moral, including as it does murder and revenge in New York, but in another way, it is moral.

It is called ‘Sleepers’, and I recommend it. :joy:

If I may, allow me to share some of the shows I’ve enjoyed that are on Netflix France:

(watch Breaking Bad first though)


Thank you Gareth, I will have a look at them if they are still there, but I notice that Breaking Bad mentions ‘Season 1’, and I’m trying to break away from such things that leave you hanging in order to keep you watching (see above :wink:)

Also, although I am happy to watch French films, indeed I do like them, and I am also happy with French sub titles, but I do like to relax a little more with English subs (I can read them much faster and don’t miss the action) sometimes and most of the Franch content on Netflix fr. has only French subs. I have asked them about this and they deny it for most of them.

If it’s any help, Lupin is the only one that’s natively in French. I’ve just logged in on my phone to check and you can choose to either have English dubbed audio or English subtitles.

As for Breaking Bad, it’s possibly my favourite TV show ever but if you don’t like shows that span multiple series then it’s perhaps not for you as there are 5 series in total, with 12 (I think) episodes per series. It is however worth the investment, imo.

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I would collapse from sheer exhaustion at 60 episodes!!!
I’ve just started a French documentary about the role of women in WW 1

The Fall was originally shown on BBC2 in the UK. Produced by Artists Studio and BBC Northern Ireland

I suppose it might have been bearable one week at a time, but I think I might have given up sooner as there was probably something better on another channel.

Haha, I wasn’t suggesting you watch them all in one sitting :grin: But yeah, it’s perhaps not gonna be your cup of tea :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not sure if it’s on Netflix but did you ever watch the colourised World War One documentary by Peter Jackson? I thought it was fantastic.

I think so, yes, but a long time ago.

The best TV Series I have seen in a while is ‘The Sandman’ with Tom Sturridge in the starring role. Taken from Gaimans novel the screenplay is loyal to the original, Acting magnificent and production stunning. I highly recommend this beautiful piece of televisual entertainment.

At the moment I’m watchng a French documentary ‘Women at War 1914-1918’. With French or English s/ts it is very interesting. But sad to see such waste.

Gosh snap! Ihave just spent all week on and off watching The Fall too. It was very good and not having had any sort of UK TV for many years now, it was good to catch up on what had been shown even if it is an old series. I love the foreign crime series on Netflix especially the scandinavian and spanish ones. Just waiting for the second part of series 6 of Outlander to come back on, another brilliant series too.

We’ve just finished watching all 10 episodes of The Sandman and my conclusion is that it just drags on and on and on… and becomes quite hard watching after about episode 4 or 5… the structure is quite dire actually and becomes boring, same old same old.
Shame really, as the first few had good appeal and the prospect of being a good series. We stuck with it to the (bitter) end though but concentration levels really were almost overcome by dozing off.
Not really our thing but others might like it.

I actively avoid series on Netflix now for that very reason. It is almost as if the makers are contracted to provide X number of episodes and plough on with meaningless waffle to make their quota.

I generally stick to films or documentaries now.

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The final episode of the final season of Better Call Saul was on last night - I was a big Breaking Bad fan and had my doubts about this prequel when it first aired. I quickly became hooked and have sat through 6 series over the past couple of years. For me each series better than the last with this final series delivering some great TV. It is well written, beautiful to look at and at times ingeniously filmed, a topnotch cast with Bob Odenkirk and Rhea Seahorne delivering award winning performances particularly in last nights finale. Highly recommended to those of you who enjoy the genre.