Network news

(James Higginson) #1

We’re now just over a month old and have 161 members! A special welcome to all our new arrivals and if you haven’t yet done so, please do introduce yourself in the forum.

Huge felicitations to network member Graham Downie whose blog has just been awarded the Prime Location best property blog award. Thank you to everyone who voted for him and well done Graham!

The shopping list has finally been compiled and you can find it in the update section on the homepage. Keep your shopping suggestions coming and we’ll continue to keep the list updated. I finally decided that the fairest criteria for inclusion would be to list sites that have been used and recommended by members. If any of you are running mail order sites, I will happily include them, just make sure you let me know they have been used and recommended by a network member. Hope that makes sense!

I’m currently working on a Members Directory, listing who we are and what we do. I think this will be useful especially as we grow and it means you won’t need to trawl through the site looking for a surveyor or a designer. I’ll include links so if I don’t already have links to your business or blog, please send them my way.

We are very pleased to announce…drum roll… our first competition. The competition will run from now to the 18th Feb and will be won by the member whose new blog post attracts the most comments.

We have a great prize, a signed copy of ‘The Missing Link?’ The book has been kindly donated by network member and author, Suzie Larcombe. Along with husband Adrian, Suzie runs a small rural business development agency with a big city feel. Adrian builds 100% bespoke and stylish websites at a price that won’t break the bank and Suzie provides down-to-earth, affordable marketing support to small business owners throughout France (and further afield). Suzie is actively involved in Soho Solo (Gers small business project) and writes “the M-word” column for The French Paper.

The book is a great tool for anyone running a small business as Suzie explains, ‘Most small business owners are too busy to spend hours reading about marketing. The Missing Link contains a year’s worth of down-to-earth, practical ideas you can implement yourself, at little or no cost, to help develop your business.’ And if you aren’t the lucky vanquisher, you can always buy a copy!

Blog posts can be on any subject and you can be as controversial as you like so get your thinking caps on and start posting!

Catharine and James xx