Hi folks…

apprehension is normal when going for one’s first appointment with a Neurologist…

any of you already done this sort of thing ???

anyone care to tell me what he/she will get up to… gentle replies please…


Sorry Stella, I have no personal knowledge I can give you, but I’m sure someone will :hugs:
Good luck

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Nothing to worry about, Stella, they wire you up and do all the normal tests, not at all painfull, just another medical visit! :wink:

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I think it very unlikely that your appointment will be physically painful, but he may get on your nerves! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
Sorry, no personal experience. . . .


Hi Stella,

I had a test for ‘ulnar neuropathy’ a number of years ago. They attached wires to my arms and did various tests. It isn’t painful, it just kept making me jump which isn’t altogether pleasant. Don’t worry about it being painful, just a little uncomfortable.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


thanks everyone… :relaxed: :relaxed:

so often, worrying about the unknown is worse than the “thing” itself…

I remembered a friend had something done… although I never got any details. I zapped an email and this is the reply… which I am posting in case anyone else on the Forum is wondering…

"…I had a nerve conduction study.

There are two parts.

First he put small pads at various points on my hands, then put a small electrode against various parts of nerves in my arms/hands and applied a small electric impulse, then he measures the length of the point impulse was applied, to the whatever bit of me was supposed to twitch (if that makes sense)

He also did similar measurements on my legs.

Part two

A small needle is put in a couple of places to test muscle response I think. Eg needle goes in calf muscle and I had to resist against him pulling on my foot. He some gismo is measuring the result.

Part two is the only bit I felt a bit uncomfortable, but it’s not bad didn’t find it much worse than a splinter.

It’s not a scary, or excruciating and all was completed in 15/20 mins…""

once again… thanks to you all … and I hope this info helps others too …