Does anyone know if there’s a similar charity that neuters/spays rescued cats, like in the UK?

the PDSA did my English rescue cat and we imported her in 2006.

Yesterday, a gorgeous grey tortoise-shell french kitten ran out from under my partner’s van and straight onto his shoulders, where it remains, despite the hissing from our 12 yr old Dippy.

We are on a low income, which is not going to rise until 2014, earliest, so we need help with this, or will have to take the poor thing to the pound. It was definitely abandoned as it’s too thin for it’s size.

We’re giving it a few days to see if our old cat takes to it, then will check out the costs at the vet. There will be no micro-chipping on our part, as there is no way we could afford it, or take responsibility for vets bills, but we are willing to partly feed it, let it sleep on our land and prevent it from breeding. Of course, should our incomes rise, our responsibilities will rise to match what we can afford and it’d be nice to be able to adopt it properly.

Hi Jo,

Have a search for dispensaires SPA, these offer reduced rate vet services.

Just to say though that you should give it more than a few days for the kitten to settle with an existing cat, sometimes it can take weeks, sometimes months and sometimes never!

You should also think of the long-term financial implications. You have done a wonderful thing by helping this cat, but what if it were to fall ill? It is obligatory to have it microchipped too, cost about 50€, what if your circumstances don’t improve?

Wishing you all the very best of luck and in hope that you can sort something out as this little puss-cat has obviously endeared herself to you and you to her.

You can always ask vets to spread the cost too. They are used to people paying over a couple of months.