Neutering - the time is now

It shouldn't be a question, more of an obligation of kindness towards your pet.

With spring around the corner, this is the time of year to make it a necessity to have your cat or dog neutered.

Did you know that... ?

In France, it is estimated that 4500 dogs and 8000 cats are born every day.

MILLIONS of dogs and cats are put to sleep every year!

This is a worldwide problem. As a French registered charity, Chats du Quercy often hears comments from British people that we treat our animals better than any other nationality, aren’t we a nation of animal lovers after all? Rest assured there is just as much cruelty and just as many animals abandoned in the UK as in France or any other country. The difference being, here there is a lack of infrastructure here to help pick up the pieces.

You only have to look at these links to just 3 of the UK’s most well known animals protection charities, to see the true extent of the problem over there too!

Be a responsible owner and have your cat neutered (both males and females) between four and six months of age.

Please don't add to the number of unwanted animals in France too!

Thanks Regina,

this posting was prompted by a weekend of calls and a 'delivery' of a mother and her 4 kittens on Saturday! This family were left in a locked room in a house - for the new owners to find on arrival, what a surprise!!!

What really disturbs me is the amount of calls our charity gets from British people who begrudge getting the cat neutered as they insist that the cat is not theirs.

The normal story is that the cat just turned up one day - but this happened 18 months ago!

As you know, it is simply untrue that domesticated cats will fend for themselves, many will die of starvation.

Well said, Lynn!

Every year we rescue litters of kittens dumped either in our garden or in the nearby woods by some ignorant and careless people who don't neuter their cats and then assume that cats can fend for themselves in nature :-(((