New accessibility regulations for public places


I received an attachment from the Tourist Board which even when I translated didn't make sense. The DDTM Aude has given out certain dates for compliance of disabled access for all public places/establishments. I have looked on the websites where they say you can find out more information but to no avail. I have a Chambres d'Hotes with a lot of steps to access the property so I could do with knowing if absolutely everyone has to comply. What if it is just not feasible? I will attach the document because I'm sure this will probably apply to some other people on here as well.

There are independant companies who carry out the audits but why pay if you can get somebody from the mairie or les pompiers to do it! Yes, I downloaded the relevant form, filled it all in and sent it off LRAR. Here are the various attestation according to whether works need doing or not ;-)

Thanks Peter

Thanks Andrew

Andrew, the attestation you sent off - did you find this on line and complete it yourself?

My Mairie tell me I should get the "chief fire office" to come and have a look at our premises; is this what you mean by an audit?



Colette -

According to this link on a Chambres d'Hôtes only counts as an établissement recevant du public if it has more than 5 rooms (presumably, to let) or accommodates more than 15 people at once. So it looks as if, unless you're operating a small hotel, these new rules don't apply to you.

Not sure for chambres d'hôte but all shops etc. have a tight timetable for compliance - I've sent my attestation off to the préfecture stating that my tabac complies. You're meant to have an audit done which will then outly what needs to be done and if it is feasable - my dentist can't carry out the work needed - there's no way he can get a lift installed in his old building so he will be awarded a derogation - a lot of work and hassle and money for nothing. Contact your local CCI or your mairie - if it's a reasonable size there'll be someone to advise you. more info here

Courage ! ;-)