New advert placement on SFN home page

Hello everyone!

I've just opened up a new ad slot on the main SFN page, actually this ad position will load on every page of SFN (over 18000 pages!) giving you business maximum exposure to thousands of readers for just 30 Euros per month.

The size of the advert is 125 x 125 pixels, you can see the advert on the right hand side of this page too, just click on the red 'advertise here' box to setup your account with Addiply. Once you've deposited funds and uploaded your graphic, you be able to track the number of click to your website and see how many times your advertisement has been displayed on SFN.

For the first 5 advertisers to take up this offer I will throw in 2 free inclusions of your ad per month in the 'Worth a read on SFN' newsletters (normally charged at 15 euros each!). So you'll be getting 60 euros worth of advertising for the price of just 30!

If you need help creating a stunning and eyecatching graphic, we can help with that too. Contact me if you would like to take advantage of this design service, it's just 15 euros to have your banner professionally designed by Neil Whitehead of idea1.

What are you waiting for?! Just click on the red box over on the right hand side and start getting the word out today. And remember, only the first five will get the free newsletter inclusions. Hurry!


James Higginson (Survive France Network)

Glad to hear it!

As you say....advert blocker was on. The site is a whole new experience now!


It's the red box Colin, loads in every page too. Do you have an ad blocker plug-in installed in FF?




I have just loaded your page in Internet Explorer and for the first time I can see all the adverts! In Firefox, my prefered software, none of the graphs or adverts can be seen.

Is the ad you are proposing the Google advert box we now see in every page or the red advertise here box?

Two gone now...

One already taken!