New British Ambassador appointed

And a woman to boot… lots of female ambassadors now so maybe world will be less contemtious.

At least she is actually in the diplomatic service, not air-lifted in to give a chum a plum job…


‘Menna’ sounds a bit Welsh, do we recognise a thread here? I believe Mr. Llewellyn had some Welsh linguistic abilities to go with his name. :slightly_smiling_face:

Interesting that she had early experience in Brussels. I wonder if knowing how the EU apparatus works is of some importance here?

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Well, let’s face it, she could hardly be worse than that creep Llewellyn who was about as much use as a chocolate fire-guard. Unfortunately she does still have to represent “Her Majesty’s Government” which for the time being at least, and to our eternal shame, is run by a bunch of thieves - and incompetent ones at that!

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When I last went to one of the British Embassy meetings in person rather than on-line, the main person there was the deputy ambassador (not sure of the exact title). Although he obviously had to represent the government, he was very practical and supportive and gave very direct advice. Can’t remember his name but I was most impressed with him - he’d come up through the diplomatic service and really knew his stuff.

The previous one I attended had Sir Ed Llewellyn at the front (now Lord Llewellyn I notice) and he was saying things like “The well being of British citizens in France is at the forefront of Theresa May’s mind”… :roll_eyes: