New buildings

Are there stage inspections during building work as in the uk?

With our new build (admittedly over 6 years ago now) there were no staged inspections (although someone from the Mairie did attend on one occasion - maybe just nosy as this was a wood framed panel construction :wink:).
However, after the completion and notifying the appropriate authority that the works were complete, the building and grounds were surveyed by a geomtre for the purposes of updating the cadastral although no internal inspection of the property took place.

We have permission for a small entrance porch (less than 4m2) so no inspections of the foundations?

correct - very unlikely :wink:

:+1: Thanks

You can have staged visits if you pay for them someone like veritas will do it.
For domestic housing its not usual but if you have a reputable company do the job the 10 year garuntee (sp) will cover most faults that occur