New Cables along the country lanes

Hi all,
Here in our bit of 87 there is much road side activity with I think according to our neighbour 5G being laid (I’m hoping for fibre optic). Is this happening elsewhere in France?

We have loads of new electricity lines going in all over.

The colour of the gaines and markings on the regards will tell you what they are for.

I stopped and asked as I was quite excited thinking it was fibre!

Fibre is a thinnish cable that is looped up where it passes over the poles. And there are often large coils of cable hanging high up on some of the poles.

These are being put in the ground.

Fibre optic is being laid all over, a big push on it, so that’d be my guess.

5G is wireless. We’ve a couple of 5G enabled masts around here but all out of range. That said, I expect I’ll see 5G before fibre.

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Certainly that’s what was going in the ground round us 2-3 years ago - great rolls of thin black cable laid into the ground. White boxes fitted half way up telegraph poles - one per house ready to be connected to individual properties. We are down a farm track and the final length of cable came above ground from the white box on the post from telegraph pole to telegraph pole.

I don’t know where about in Haute Vienne you are, but yes, we’ve had them madly replacing old poles, piles of them around the village at times, and then doing the cables and boxes etc for Fibre. Vienne seemed to be moving quicker with fibre, but I think the department had contracted directly with someone, all their contractors I saw had about Vienne on their vans/jackets whereas around here it seems to be Orange coordinating the effort. But they definitely seem to be doing fibre.

I should have mentioned my neighbour is 85 and I think she was confused with 5G and other technology.

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North, near Cromac

We had a lot of cable laid a few years back, and it’s still happening in some areas, but outside of urban areas there seems no cabling to individual properties. I really don’t know what the plan is.

Edit: there’s a couple of villages around here that do WiMax, but I assume as a community initiative rather than anything departmental.

One of Macron’s promises was fibre, so big push pre-election to get it done. Rich communes tend to pay to have it underground, poor ones like our have it overground. And stupidly not on the same poles, so we have places where there are three poles next to each other.

That is daft, I didn’t know that happened. We’ll have electric and phone on different poles (phone much lower than power) but often on opposite sides of the road. We’ve recently had some wooden poles around us replaced with concrete, and a bit of tidying up/sensabilising too but I’ve only seen fibre optic go underground… so I guess we’re rich! The dept has spent a lot of money on the project, it’s true.

It’s not just poles, I think we should have shares in the company that makes road signs.
We have a plethora of them here and we are out in the country.

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And often blocking a decent view at junctions, intersections and the like.

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Orange doesn’t really want to maintain the poles it owns (unless for its own fibre) so they will eventually be removed once the copper wire is no longer needed.

The other suppliers have to take responsibility.

New 5G base stations in locations where there isn’t an existing 2/3/4G site would need fibre to link them to the rest of the 5G network as base station capacity is now too high to be carried over a microwave link.

I like your use of this word 'plethora’. I have a bit of a thing about it and other words which have had their meaning hi-jacked, the biggie being ‘iconic’. ‘Exclusive’ has more or less become meaningless.

Plethora means ‘too many of’ not what it is commonly used to express, these days, ‘a lot of’. But I fear it’s another lost cause, like ‘luxury’. Even ice-cream is luxurious now. ‘Hillbrooks Luxury Ice Cream’.

As for fibre, here in the town of Vire, 14, we do not luxuriate in fibre, iconic or otherwise. We were promised it in our street in June. It isn’t going to happen. Orange still has it as ‘pending’, as they have for 6+ months now.

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You can find forecasts, operators, e.g. Orange, SFR, etc. and other stuff.