New Car tax?

I got an (totally unexpected) official république française bill today, thought I’d done all the bills for this year. Looks like they want €160 because of the car I own (owned on 01/01/2020). It is because it’s a “high polluting vehicle”. I thought this was included in the “malus” tax when you got the certificat d’immatriculation, but the car was over 10 years old when I re-registered it last year so didn’t pay anything.

Is this something new? I’ve had other not so economical cars in the past but never had this tax before.

I’m sure I posted something about this a little while ago… a new tax on Owners… will be annually I believe…

I’ll try and locate the thread…

here it is

That’s noting compared to many Europen country’s I paid 800 euros on my Land Rover in Sweden every year

Malus system should be on only new cars I think

That says that this is still under discussion in parliament, but not clear whether that is the whole set of additional charges or if the annual tax is excluded.

If that aspect is already in force then looks as if that answers Bob’s question as despite it being an old car if first registered in France last year then would be caught by this system. Not sure I approve of backdated taxes!

There will surely be some sort of identification of the tax on the bill… ??? some reasoning… or maybe not… :wink:

(160€ is the sum mentioned on the site… )

Thanks Stella, I remember the post, but obviously didn’t read the vehicle etranger bit…

Been around for a few years now - if your car has a Co2 figure of 190 or greater you pay this annual tax. The good news is that it is being withdrawn next year.

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Thanks @Mark_Rimmer mine is about 299 :disappointed_relieved:. Never had this tax for my D3 which put out 270.
If it’s being withdrawn, I have to wonder what it’s going to be replaced with :thinking:

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