New Contrôle Technique.. indepth explanation

Interesting info… hope all goes well… work through the liste of “faults”, page after page of possibilities… :thinking:

Have had both of ours done a bit early. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have had conflicting advice about changing headlights for the controls technique the current advice I have is that uk lights will pass if the reflectors are fitted correctly maybe by a garage with headlamp beam testers and using the correct plastic deflector for the model as the headlAmps pass a test for correct alignment Tec not that they were uk headlamps originally any other info welcome

I’ve heard about cars passing with deflectors (not sure how true that is) but was able to get new lamp units from Germany for about €150 when we came here. Made more sense to me.

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These are the new CT regulations for lights. Note 4.1.2.a.2.à%20compter%20du%2020%20mai%202018/IT%20VL%20F4B-ECLAIRAGE-201217.pdf

I did buy French lights but they have failed after 3years Mazda lights cost 1700euros I still have my orig lights s which are still a1. The French lights were cheapones from spain still cost 450 euros. So I will get my garage to replace my UK lights and fix inverters.thanks for coming back to me