New course for auto-entrepreneurs


i am just beginning to start up my own business as an auto entrepreneur, i beleive it is required to complete a course ? in English i am told does anyone know where i find one of these course lot et garonne 47600.

Thank you

Hi Angella,

I've found an online forum called that has been very helpful.

I joined for €89 & Valerie who runs the Forum has said she will get me sorted as a micro enterprise, profession libérale for €199 without having to attend a course. Have spoken to people who have been on a course all in French for a week, understood little, & then been given the paperwork!

My choice is to use Valerie's service.


hi Roger

thank you for your help will contact Valerie



unfortunarely she does not register manual or artisans as they are the ones whom have to attend course appaerntly

Oh what a shame-only knew what was on offer to me as a counsellor, well psychotherapist really, but I can't call myself that here since psychotherapy has been 'swallowed' by the medical profession to its detriment, in my opinion.

i have e mailed her anyway just to check

Hi Angela,

As far as I know there is no mandatory course to become an auto-entrepreneur despite what some learning institution suggest. Anyway, this is a good idea to get trained especially in little entreprise management. Take your time to review the offers.


just checked with the marie it is a mandatory 5 day course for manual and artisan

Yes, it depends entirely on what your business actually does.

i am looking at a gardening and general buliding i have qualfications does any one know if the course can be completed in english

To my knowledge it’s only trades who need to complete the course. Professions libérales don’t need to, to my knowledge.

sorry that is wrong any manual trade whether Artisan or not needs to complete the course , i am just asking if anyone has completed said course in English

I think you would need to contact your chambre de métiers and ask if the course is offered in English in your area. Most places don’t, but maybe it is in eg the parts of Dordogne that have a high proportion of English.
Last year there was a website promoting itself that claimed to be setting up to offer the course online with English as an option, it looked interesting, but I don’t think it ever got off the ground.

That’s fine, I only said ‘to my knowledge’…but again have read further into Professions libérales status who seem to exempt from much of the latest changes. Again ‘to my knowledge’. Building is different, you’re quite right.

mine does not i asked i know dordogne does was hoping someone may have paperwork