New crop maybe?

I am seeing a ‘new’ crop in some fields this year.
At the moment it is 12"/18" high, yellow/brown in colour, looks like wide grass tufts.
Any ideas?

Various ideas spring to mind… :upside_down_face:

A photo would be helpful…



Looks like winter wheat treated with something. Barley goes that colour but not at this time of year, surely?

I first saw it a few weeks ago, growing between rows of young walnut trees, but that seems to have gone :thinking:

I reckon it is a strain of gluten free grain… there’s quite a market around here for such stuff…

Like what? Why would it be yellow? I wondered about fusarium/septoria/ yellow mosaic virus but they don’t really look like that.

no idea why it is yellow… but it must be worth planting/growing or it would not be on the go (would it ??)

Sarrasin is grown locally along with others…

quinoa is another gluten free useful foodstuff

I’m only throwing ideas into the pot…

Not sorghum, not millet, not quinoa, not buckwheat… I am stumped!

But for the fact that the verge is still green, I’d say it isn’t a crop but an uncultivated field that’s been sprayed with glysophate - hence the yellow colour.

It may be a ‘volunteer crop’ of cereal allowed to grow and sprayed off before they plough and put in a new crop (the heavy rain may have made this necessary) or a winter cereal with really bad rust. Rust on monocot crops is really bad right now in Brittany - because of rain?

Head over and check, then let me know.
Cannabis is lush green if it is properly kept.

I’m pretty sure it is an unwanted crop sprayed off. The weather has meant it would have been left until they were sure they could spray, and having the volunteer crop in place during the winter would help maintain soil structure rather than making it worse by working the field. Now that crop can probably be ploughed in soon and a new crop sown. All in theory but could be. It looks more like cereal than worn out pasture which is also sprayed and ploughed.
Quick, get me a tractor! I want farm!

Some years ago a farmer friend of mine had a licence to grow industrial hemp which has a significantly same look as Cannabis.
I remember him telling me that he had a call from the Police one night who had stopped a car filled to the roof with his crop and what would he like to do with it.
He told them to throw it away as that amount of hemp was worth nothing and the scroat would need to smoke a field full to get any sort of mild “hit”.
When the Officers returned to the prisoner in his cell, they told him the happy news. He pleaded with them to keep him in for protection as he’d already been paid handsomely for the car full… :crazy_face:

Yep. my first arable farm grew hemp. The students used to come and nick it and be sorely disappointed! A bit like townies stealing maize because they thought it would make nice corn on the cob.

Some variety of rye that’s been sprayed with weedkiller ? Too early to be naturally yellow like that, surely ?

Food for thought :thinking: