New e-book about moving to Brittany

Are you thinking about moving to Brittany, France? Or have you already moved? If so you are probably in the same situation we were a few years ago.

Swamped by conflicting advice, living on the internet trying to find the information you need, getting more and more frustrated by the day. Sound familiar?

This book was developed with hindsight. It is what we would have liked to have known in the beginning, what would’ve made our life easier, such as the fact that shops don’t open on a Sunday in rural Brittany, not good if you arrive on a Saturday night. The fact that planning permission is required to replace rotten windows (2 months over winter) and if you are invited to French friends, taking wine is not always a good choice.

This is not an in depth guide to France and does not cover the political situation, the weather or customs but is an easy to read guide on the essentials.

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How do I access the e-book.

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