New Facebook Teaching & Learning Pages

Hi Everyone,

Hope the teaching year’s going well, if that’s what you’re doing.

Just a quick one to say check out my new home now that I've decided that not being able to beat the people over at Facebook I'd jolly well join 'em.

So I have two main pages over there, coz that's what you call them, 'pages', not 'blogs' or heaven forbid 'sites' (how 20th century ;-D

One is called 'Hotch Potch English Teaching', and the other is called 'Fun English Lessons'. Pretty naff, right, that last one, but I'm just hoping it'll be a bit less opaque than 'Hotch Potch English', whatever that means!

So anyway, what I'd like you to do is go over there and say hi, 'Like' the page, and take part in any of the discussions I'll be initiating over there based around all the content I produce. Which is quite a lot.

Also, there are some free lessons up for grabs too on the second site, sorry page, so some of you teachers might in interested in what I've done and you can use them yourselves or get ideas from them of course.

Comments welcome, especially ideas for improving my on-line lessons!

All the best, nearly summer, Sab