New house being built on back property boundary

Wherever your boundary is… foundations should not touch it, nor pass it…

Excentree foundations to spread the weight without encroaching perhaps.image

I simply know that one gentleman was told to stop digging foundations in the spot he was… even though he kept loudly saying he was on his own land.

He had to move everything back from the actual boundary… so that foundations and the finished wall/gateway would be inside his own land…

I was on-site when the Mairie were explaining things to him… he was not a happy man.

However, it appears that the topic of this thread is not actually on the boundary but “near”… which is rather a different situation…

When I see new builds here in the UK I am astounded that people are prepared to pay huge amounts of money for detached houses a metre from their neighbour. Their postage stamp gardens are often overlooked by several neighbours.

it’s all about fitting quarts into a pint pot…

there may have been other factors involved in your case , like the roof line overhanging the boundry, but it is perfectly ok to build on the boundry .

In my neck of the woods you can’t build a fixed structure within four meters of the boundary. Not even a pool.

In the instance I am quoting… it was just a garden wall… of beautiful stone…


you will have to talk to an Advocat. Notaires only deal with non-contentious matters.

If you have insurance cover get your insurer on the case.

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Thank you very much for the bit of info Grahame - who knew! We do indeed had “neighbour dispute” insurance and will bring it all together once we have the pieces of the puzzle pulled together.

With everything else going on in the world, this is one thing I did not think we would have to deal with. Shopping used to be one of my joys in life; but doing a Carrefour run today, everyone was so quiet and avoiding each other. I nearly burst into tears in the vege isle - yes the vege isle! Life has changed so much for all of us.

Thank you all for your input and advice. Stay safe ya all :slight_smile: xx


My neighbour contacted me asking if I would agree to him building a garage butting up to my boundary. He explained he needed to do this as he had to build 3 metres in from the road and 3 metres from our boundary if I didn’t agree, which would make it impossible for him to fit in the garage if that were the case. As this was my horses paddock I could not agree as would require scaffolding and builders entering my land,also to maintain the building A solution was found by swapping around our land which he paid for. I don’t know if different regions have varied planning laws. mine is in Normandy.

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Great that an amicable solution was found Jackie.

You may find your insurance does not cover pre-exisiting ‘disputes’ and there is a 1 year grace period. Even then I would not rely on a responce rom the insureres.

My neighbour built an unsafe/ unplanned / unapproved hideous home made affair out of scraps immediately above my gaden wall and directly overlooking my conservatory and garden.

His belated request for planning and building approval was denied by the authorities and he was ordered to remove the illegal structure under threat of court action. Three years later - still there and now collapsing and more hideous and ever. All this less than 300m of an historic monument (15th century church).

My local Mairies make platitudes but no effective action.

I feel for you and wish you better luck

Morning everyone.

We contacted the Permit people and received a copy of the approved plans for the building of the house. Approval was given by the Marie on 25 October 2019 for the house to be built. We were not consulted regarding it being a two story house.

I went back to them and asked if there was a process to make a complaint regarding the house being so close to the boundry and her response was “Si vous considérez que le projet ne respecte pas les document du Permis de Construire vous pouvez vous adresser à la Police Municipale qui ira constater sur place”.

Has anyone here had to do this?

Many thanks - Steve & Phill

just asking the question… why do you feel they should have consulted you… ???

Usually the application for a permis de constriure are posted in the marie and its your responsibility to look and ask the relavent questions.


Stella.: Just common common courtesy I presumed. Any new build in NZ must be shown to the neighbours and agreed upon before building is started.

Richard: Yes. We only found out that piece of information recently. Not very helpful now.

Looks like it is back to plan A - create an orchard of tall trees to block their view and move the above-ground pool so that is out of sight as well :slight_smile:

We « consulted » our neighbours before finally submitting the plans for our new build but were under no obligation to do so - it was just a matter of courtesy.
Still, it made bugger all difference - the arrogant twat next door probably binned it just so that he could complain ad nauseam thereafter because the garage roof was too high for his liking :roll_eyes:
Under French planning laws, it is necessary only to post a board outside the property advertising the process - the content of such boards are prescriptive and usually available from the brico sheds. It’s up to the voisines/ interested parties to keep a look out for them and examine the plans in detail if they raise concern.
In essence, you cannot complain that the build is going ahead per se; that is disrespectful to the planning process itself.

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Well you live and learn in a new country don’t ya. If we ever win Euromillions, then we could knock our oldie down and seek permission to build a new two/three story house and stare down upon them! Although, the best thing to do would be to find something fresh and new and move away :slight_smile:

It pays to chat regularly with neighbours and to check what is displayed at the Mairie…
not only helps the language skills, but helps get one well known in the community… :wink: :wink: