New house in Normandy - RT2020 forms

Hello - we are in the early stages of building a new house in Normandy, having recently received the CU permission. We are looking for some assistance with the RT2020 process, and would welcome any experience/advice on this. I am an architect, and the property is less than 150sqm, so we haven’t yet engaged with a French architect. It seems like this might be required at some point, so any steer on recommendations for Normandy based consultants would be appreciated.

Ask at your local mairie and possibly use a very local architect who knows the area, the materials and the local regs especially if a “monument historique” is involved anywhere from a roadside cross to a large building. The mairie is the font of all local knowledge and decisions.

We used the most useless architect in the world (he was a drunk) but the advantage was that our planning permission sailed through with no queries even tho’ it was us that did the drawings. So since your qualifications are no longer recognised here it could be worth it.

As for the RE2020 I don’t think it’s an architect you need, but specialist service. It didn’t apply to us so no direct knowledge, but there are loads of ads for people who do the assessments……