New law to investigage foreigner fraud in France

New law being discussed to investigate all aspects of foreigner's lives in France to discover fraud.

If approved, the Prefet will have access to all your bank and medical records.

I love my adopted country and I have no wish to make the French English. I accept their ways are sometimes different to what I have been brought up with. But I just love it!

I don't think I really share your confidence, but I do sincerely, very sincerely hope you are right Jane.

Jon lived and worked here for 25 years+ Jon, never been stopped by the military, or their cousins in the Villes, Police Nat,But my dodgy looking wife has been stopped by PAF, Douanes and other forces of order, me innocent than the driven snow, a big never !! She a bit of Arthur Daly :D :D

Look behind you Jane, and above you, that little dog or cat are working for the DGSI:, be very wary who you speak to, eyes and ears are every where, especially when you buy Sweet corn, you have been warned. :D :D :D

Absolutely Peter, I support the law 100%

We still don`t know the definitive legal answer. The vendors have said that it is unlikely to be enforced, yet we see that new owners have twelve months to rectify or replace.

@ John and @ Simon - no more snidey comments directed at each other please (in this thread or any other) or your memberships will be revoked. James, myself and the admins have better things to do on Friday night than police SFN. You have been warned! :)

Well it has something to do with the vast majority of the worlds population not having any choice !

And therein lies your problem John - you don't understand.

I have just been back to the UK with a cousin to ‘clear’ the flat that she has just sold there. She inherited it when her mother died many years ago and has kept it on as a link with the old country that she, her husband, her children and grandchildren could use for short holidays. Now, after 60 years living in France she has decided it is an unnecessary luxury. France is, and has been her home for many years. Life here suits some people but not others, one size does not fit all (thank God). What I don’t understand is why anyone would continue living anywhere if they hated it so much?

Just returned from a short break to find a request from a London stockbroker that I as a French resident must now supply the stockbroker with a certified copy of my French tax reference number. This means going to the notary, paying him a fee and sending it my recorded delivery. No doubt I will receive a request from the French for a similar UK document no doubt translated into Fench by an official translator. I already submit full details of all UK assets to the French Impots and Service des Etrangers at Bercy every year and if I don't massive fines can be applied. I'm just hitting 70 and don't relish having to do this in coming years every year as it will become a burden on one's capacity and to have it done professionally would cost lots of money. A UK family trust will probably be involved in having the pay the FRENCH government 0.5% of its UK assets every year as well, on top of income and other taxes including one to pay of the French national debbt (and presumably subsidising Greece). No I am afriaid that all these things are daily becoming more difficult not easier. It's already totally impractical for my non EU wife to join me for short family occasions in the UK as she has to get a hugely expensive visa and attend an interview in Paris every time she wants to vist the UK. She is now applying for French nationality which MAY make it easier but thjere are massive hoops there as well. BAH!

So, I have nothing to hide from anyone. Even if the Americans listen to my telephone calls (joke?)I do not think the black economy helps anyone. It is better to be up front.

A very honest appraisal John - well said! To be honest - I even dread opening the letter box (one of those stupid ones without the flag to tell you if there's anything in it!). As for La Jalousie - that's a whole new discussion....

I doubt you'll get much support for your experiences and views on SFN though - it's a bit of a 'fairy dairy land' know.... 'just like the UK was 50 years ago...' if I hear that one more time I swear I'll do some serious damage....:-)

Even if the UK leaves the EU, which is unlikely, there will be accommodation made between Drance.
How will france manage if the 600,000 French currently living and working in UK suddenly decide to return?

Thank God we are not yet monitored in the streets of Cluny.

Just for clarity, EU citizens would not be classed as 'foreigners' so no need to worry about bank and medical records.

In the event of a Brexit we lose our rights to be here. Simple as that and on a personal note IDS in the DWP will freeze my state pension. We will also lose our right to healthcare under the S1 system. Not a rosey picture for expat pensioners.

I've lived here for 10 years and have never felt hassled or frightened. To be honet I am more frighened by the current power drunk government currently in the UK

No we won't Carol. As long as the UK stays in Europe we all have freedom of movement to live and work in the EU - that why the UK is filling up with East Europeans. I really don't understand all this scaremongering and the lack of understanding of what the EU actually is and this makes me scared that people will vote for the UK to exit the EU without realising what all the advantages are1