New lighting venture continued!

Ive had a busy week this week - more trying to organise the chaos of next week with a few new jobs starting at the same time. Trying to source materials locally for my new lights has been time consuming, money wasting and frustrating so onto the good old net to find some quality electrical components that actually work!

I cant believe how cold its been this week but my wife reminded me that we did actually wake up to snow a few years ago in March so not quite as unusual as I keep thinking. However, the blossom on the trees, the chickens laying eggs and the bulbs coming through are all giving me hope that sunshine is just around the corner and thats just what I need to heat my workshop up because the forge doesn’t quite manage it!

Heres my latest wall light,

I’ve been playing with different designs and techniques, I think this one is my favorite so far.

I’ve also been busy changing my website around and still am yet to translate it but I am just doing a links page. If anyone wants to link off of my page (obviously it should be with some relevance to my work, i.e renovations, architecture, Midi Pyrenees, Artisans…) let me know and hopefully you can add my website to yours as well.