New member working my way around the site

Hello everyone out there, I am quickly becoming addicted to this site although I am still trying to navigate around all the features. Everyone seems really friendly and helpful with a good pince of banter along side good information and advice.

Today I am asking for some information as no doubt many have asked before, but I really do want to to speak French and go to lessons with a lovely french lady in Orthez but I find it hard to practice french when I am not with her, as you need to speak french to speak to the french! So does anyone in my area ( 40) know of a group I could join where I could practice my french I don't mind in fact would quite like a group of like minded people who what to practice before they actually leap into real life situations I live in a small village near Amou and my main towns are Hagetmau Orthez and Dax so If there is anyone outthere with info on classes (formal) or chatty groups I would love to hear from you. I wouldn't mind starting up a small "coffee break french group" who like me need some moral support as well as knowledge.

Thanks again i hope that as I work my way through the site i will also find other areas of interest and hope that I can contribute whenever I can.

Hi Susan,

I joined only some days ago, and still finding my way around. Also, I haven't moved over yet from Ireland but our house is for sale here. Yaay.

Nice to meet you here. There are loads of online resources to practice your french but nothing beats hangin with the locals I reckon!

Yes, Susan. I love horses. I had several in the States.

Great idea. When you get set up we can "chat."

Thanks for the ideas I use my laptop a lot but hadn't thought of usung it to practice french. What a lovely love story you have to tell and also I guess a lovely home in the Camargue have you an interest in horses?

Perhaps we could try one day to skype and try out your idea of on line "coffee breaks" but first maybe I should invite you to be a friend .

I could do with a user guide to survivefrench as I find things and loose them again, as I am not a very methodical person I rarely know how I found it in the first place ! however I will try to issue an invite if that's the way to go.

The weather here in the Landesis beautiful today unfortunately I have a hair appointment which will take up half a day !!!!

Be in touch soon regards Sue


Welcome. Yes, it can be addicting. Even when I'm not responding, I'm often surfing around SFN and finding lots of helpful info from those folks who are happy to share information.

A few suggestions: If you can't find a group in your area, considering online groups. With Google + or Skype you can hang out online with voice and/or video chat. Another resource that I used for just that purpose, before I moved to France, is SecondLife. It's a free online virtual world. I was living in the US and found many French-based communities. People there were basically having "virtual coffee breaks."

In my case, I was searching for people to practice my French, for no reason except that I wanted to pick up where I had left off when I was young and growing up in Louisiana (originally a French territory, so we studied French in school). I not only found some folks happy to speak French with me---I found some great friends AND a husband!! He was my French-speaking partner in SL. Now we are married and live in Camargue.

Just thought I would share a nice little story about nice things that can happen when you practice your French online.

Thanks James , it seems you are the mastermind behind this website?
Well done you ! I am off to England for a family party but when I return I would love to meet up with you for a coffee so see you soon

The espresso is real, not the dishwater they serve in zis countery, so worth a visit anyway.

Getting scared - Brian's agreeing with me. You had SUCH lucky escape Brian because Bergerac was the area I wanted to move to initially but couldn't find a house I liked at the time. So, lucky boy, we're a good 2 - 3 hours north of you. But maybe one day, when you least suspect it...

Welcome to the SFN gang! Mind you, this is getting too pat Susan, once again I agree to the letter with Val! We are a friendly, lively lot on here and there are quite a lot of friends who have never met each other but are undoubtedly looking forward to the day and contriving how they might just swing that! As for missing large chunks of life, meals and so on, not to speak of outbreaks of perspiration when work gets a bit behind, well par to the course.

I am a bit too far north for you, closer to Bergerac, and you'd have to be prepared for cats, dogs and marauding pirates, sorry meant children, but if you are and ever up this way drop in.

Welcome Susan, drop in for a coffee next time you're in Dax!

Hagetmau Orthez and Dax

Hi Susan and welcome. I've just put the town names at the front of this comment so it shows on the home page and might grab the attention of those that live there. SFN does become quite addictive after a while so watch out! You'll end up not doing the gardening and missing any favourite TV programmes because you'll be messing about on here instead, lol. I'm afraid I'm not down in your area so can't help with local goings-on but if you have any problems finding your way around on here or can't find something specific you're interested in, give me a shout and I'll help best I can.