New nationwide site to apply for/exchange CdS post Brexit

New nationwide site to apply for/exchange CdS for post Brexit.

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Excellent Sue, thank you for posting this link.
I have followed the stories of people queuing and stressing for hours at prefectures or trying in vein to secure a rendezvous in order to present a dossier that almost required a caddy to carry it.
For me I felt it was a pointless exercise as no one knew what the format would be after Brexshit and the best way forward was to wait.
So now we have an online service which advises that those who have already got a permit have to replace it, was it really worth all that stress?
This morning I have spent about an hour filling in the information for 2 applications, my wife and myself, and while typing this message I have received 2 emails confirming my application has been received and advising that my applications have now been sent to my prefecture, so far so good.
Assuming I have submitted the correct information the next step will be an email from the prefecture asking me to attend for fingerprinting after which I will get my residency card, can it be that simple?
Watch this space.

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The following is an extract from the email received:

Si votre dossier est complet, vous serez contacté(e) par mail pour convenir d’un rendez-vous auprès de votre préfecture afin de finaliser vos démarches ( présentation de votre passeport / prise d’empreintes / fourniture d’une photographie d’identité récente (format 35 mm x 45 mm) / justification du paiement de la taxe sur le titre de séjour de 119 euros ).

Yes it will be that simple and so it should in the 21st Century.

Yes simple, but at a cost, it was free before.

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Will be interested to know if those who have one and need to swop will have to pay.

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The site is still in its experimental/trialling stage and there are still issues to resolve before that will be known.
If so, it may just be as easy to go whole hog and apply for citizenship rather than faff around with half measures :wink:

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yes it was but it’s normally 269€ for non EU nationals so not too bad :wink:

However they have not updated their general user conditions where it still says free! :woman_facepalming:t3:


When clicked this pdf pops up (link in blue below) which still says this
L’utilisation de ce service est facultative et gratuite, et n’est possible que pendant six mois
après la date du retrait du Royaume-Uni de l’Union européenne.
The use of this service is optional and free, and is only possible for six months
after the date of the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union.
I expect they think that most people will simply tick/click on the box without bothering to read the CGU.

I think it is saying that you don’t have to pay to use the service. I.e. your cds costs the same whether you use the online service or the traditional route, you don’t pay extra to do it the easy way.

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Yes, possibly but still very vague, as Graham says the site is probably still in experimental/trialling stage.
Mentioned in the CGU is the fact that these terms and conditions can change at any moment.
"Les termes des présentes conditions d’utilisation peuvent être amendés à tout moment"

Except that citizensip applications typically take about 2 years so you would still need a cds to tide you over.

OMG really!! I was under the impression it took 6 months. Please don’t ask me where I read that. :laughing:

I just checked the website and it says you get a decision within 18 months, or within 12 months if you’ve lived here 10 years or more. Not sure where I got 2 years from! But it would still be pushing it I think.

Yep, 2 years - I had my interview 18 months ago, started the process 2 years ago and my dossier has only just been forwarded to Nantes and I’ve been told this last phase takes about 6 months…!

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that’s what it says on the site but it’s out of date. I was told at interview that there’s no way it’d be sorted in a year (over 10 years here) and that 18 months was pushing it ! Anna your 2 + years is correct :wink:

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Tracey, you usually can’t even get an interview within months. Think more 2 years and 6 months :wink:

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Thanks Andrew, I can understand that the increase in demand is bound to push up the waiting time but this is still a surprise! :astonished:

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The demand from Brits is tiny, it may have increased by 200 or 300% because of Brexit but remains insignificant compared to all the other nationalities. The rise of right wing populist politics (Le Pen et al.) has pushed many into demanding French nationality.

Applications done, took 20 minutes in total.