New nationwide site to apply for/exchange CdS post Brexit

We have both applied.

It was very simple (because my wife did it for me!)

Application Number 29-62.

@Dan_Wood has found this link for “the local” where they are discussing the new on-line system for CdS

For a UK pensioner accessing healthcare via an S1 does anyone know if the proof of health insurance requested is an attestation from CPAM?

You presumably have a CV so yes -the attestation is what they want. That’s certainly what we provided last year when we did our CdS.

Yes, it is. Simply go into your Ameli account “personal space” and download an (up to date) Attestation. Of course, if you already have an Attestation dated less than 3 months ago… use that document.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Does anybody know if an expired 10 year Carte de Sejour fulfils the criteria of just submitting a copy together with copy of passport or must it be current.?

According to how I read the list of who needs what… there are 2 possibilities:

  1. If I have “never” had a Cds

  2. Yes, I already have a Cds (it’s to do with clarifying the date of entry to France and if you already have gone through that to get the CdS you won’t need to do it again - in my view)

As you progress through the site, it asks you to choose “first application for CdS” yes or no…

you could always clarify with the address below… .

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People need to bear in mind that this is the first stage of a process that won’t actually start until the UK leaves the EU, any errors made when submitting the application will be picked up by the prefecture and you will have months to put things right.


So has the carte de sejour dissapeared or what?

As always… it is available for non-Europeans

europeans can use their passport… this link is for Brits after Brexit

Not at all. The CdS remains in place for either EU citizens or 3rd Country individuals.
The main problems is that UK citizens are currently entitled to a CdS but not required to have one but after Brexshit happens, according to the deal or no deal situation then in force, UK citizens will no longer be EU citizens and so, in order to remain in France legally, a CdS will be required.

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The form starts by asking you questions, then according to your responses it gives you the list of documents you have to provide. All you have to do is answer questions and follow instructions, you don’t have to work anything out for yourself. Easy peasy.

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As far I can see this online form is in case the UK leaves without a deal. In view of the recent news regarding “deal or no deal” and the positive noises now emerging from the EU and London, it might be as well to wait until the end of the month to see whether we do, indeed, have to scramble to get our applications in within the 6 months or whether we will have a bit longer if we get a deal. As usual, it’s a waiting game. Also, if this site is still in the prototype stage, any glitches should manifest themselves in the next 20 days. I do feel that 6 months is a bit optimistic, given that ALL Brits will have to apply whether theu have a cds or not. With around a quarter of a million expats all hitting the site, especially in the first few days, it will probably crash regularly.

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So I’m not panicking - yet …

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Not correct, Graham. As Stella said, non-EU citizens are required to have a Cds, but Brits currently are not - it is ‘voluntary’. After Brexshit the French have decided to introduce a new ‘residence card’ for Brits. Current outstanding applications for Cds will not, therefore be actioned. When/if the UK leaves the EU we all have to apply for the new card online. This has to be done within 6 months of the actual leave date. It’s then up to the French admin to get the document to you through the post. They hope to be able to do it within a year, but the workload for them is enormous (and they didn’t ask for it to be imposed on them!). You will be required to visit your Préfecture as part of the process, including providing a fingerprint. It is not clear at the moment whether current Cds holders will have to make a physical visit - or whether their existing Cds documentation will suffice.

Please point me to where I said differently…

It was this part of your post that I am commenting on. The French have over-ridden this requirement by introducing a specific Brits ‘residence card’. This will replace the Cds for all Brits in France. Information is available on the website, I think.

err, we’re still talking about a titre de séjour (carte de séjour) just a specifique post brexit one for Brits; a sort of half way house between a CdS for non-EU nationals and the free (and not necessary) CdS for EU nationals, half-way house cost wise too :wink:

I think it’s worth pointing out that the six months application period is ONLY if there is “no deal”. If there is a deal it will almost certainly broadly follow Mays’ deal which includes a transition period of over a year (and probably longer). I don’t see how the bojo government could come up with a completely different proposal in the short time since he took office. The main difference will be in the backstop/no backstop. At the moment there is unconfirmed word that this will be replaced with a customs barrier in the North Sea - which May absolutely ruled out but bojo has no such scruples. Unfortunately, barring a miracle, I think that Brexit is definitely going ahead in one form or another, - another referendum isn’t going to help either way, despite all the calls for it. If it’s a rerun of 2016, then it simply confirms the present chaos; if the remainers win it, then the leavers will be violently vociferous in their belief of being “cheated”.

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