New! Normandy Business Group MeetUp

Normandy Business Group

Are you in Business? Or are you thinking about starting your own business? Then this is the support Group for You!

If you are an Anglophone, or you have an international approach to doing business, we would love you to join us. Whether you are a one-man band, or a Captain of Industry; salaried or self-employed; an artisan or a commercant... everyone is welcome.

Normandy Business Group will meet regularly, to share experience, skills, contacts. We will have networking events, masterclasses, social evenings. All with fun as the driving force!

The group will work best with the most members possible. Please tell your friends about us and get them to join us. Let's get the Party started!

Note: I set this group up as there was nothing really similar to UK's Business Link, or Networking 'UK style' in France, apart from groups set up by expats! There are French networking groups, and Anglo-French groups, but sometimes the cultural differences are too great to cross. Having said that, French people who have worked overseas are very comfortable with the Anglophone model, and will in any event be very welcome to join us ![smile](upload://yOEmyEgv45gM1IcgbaULHsfqP6d.gif)

Now 45 members. First meeting has been held; loads more planned! Can SFN help us break the 50 barrier this weekend? :)))

We now have 40 members signed up, which is terrfic for less than a month! Thanks everyone, for tweets tweeted and links placed. Our first meeting is this Wednesday, for a Cheese & Wine, and as much networking as everyone can handle! Lots of events planned - business events with a social twist!

Thanks Catharine :-D

Loi Association 1901 is the rules and regs for charitable status. You can't make a profit, but you can charge to cover your costs. It is very easy to do; you just need to nominate a couple of 'officials' and have an annual meeting. I can send you the form if you send me your e-mail address.

I think this format would be just right for you - I've had lots of interest already, and MeetUp has the most amazing Google ranking, so you would be very easy to find :) Let me know when you set up and we will 'twin' with you!

I'm going across to UK in March for a 'UK Jelly' conference. It is for homeworkers and micro businesses, so I thought I'd see how they do things, and look at setting up a Frog Jelly for networking groups here :-D

My problem is I have more ideas than time!

I haven’t set up anything yet Judy. Was due to have a meeting last October, but due to circumstances it was cancelled. I want to set something up which benefits english speaking business people in our area and not profit making, just people networking. By law do I have to register it, or can I just have meetings now and again? What exactly is Loi Association 1901? thanks, Sandra

Well done ladeez!

Post any info on your meetings on SFN - either in S's group / regional / the networking group and I'll make sure that it / they are also tweeted from SFN and are on the Fb page too


Hi Sandra - thanks so much from NW to SW! I pay for the site, but it is very very good value and has lots of extras with it. The website is a standard template, so nothing to pay there - you can set up an interest group for pretty much anything - walking, pottery, wine drinkers… And you can link with other MeetUp groups too. I think this will be just the thing for your grp. Mine is run on Loi Association 1901 - is yours the same?

Hi Judy, Good luck with your new group in Normandy. I have twittered and put on Facebook for you.

Question, is the site a free service or do you have to pay for it? I am setting up a business network meeting for the Lot-et-Garonne area (47) in SW France soon and the Normandy meetup site looks really nice. Thanks, Sandra