New online car registration procedure

Take it to any outlet that makes plates and they will make them for you. Roady, Feu Vert and others provide this service.

Take the temporary one to a brico shed and get your new plates made :grin:. You will get a RAR letter in a few days with the permanent document.

Thanks for the advice David - much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Mark - appreciated :slight_smile:

Not forgetting the key-cutting kiosks found in the foyer of many large supermarkets. They do keys, resole shoes, name plates for houses and vehicle number plates.
The temporary Carte Grise is fine. I do believe that is one of the reasons it is issued in advance; i.e. Get plates, arrange insurance etc.

If i were to buy a car from a main dealer in France who can do the registration for me - what documents would they require?

I am not yet registered for Tax in France but I do pay Tax Fonciere & d’Habitation.

Would it be possible for them to register me?

If you buy a car from a dealer they will register it for you. You will need your passport, a utility bill, your driving licence and proof of insurance.

Thanks David - would a UK driving licence be sufficient?

Yes, as long as it is in date. Going through a dealer should be a painless and quick experience.

We have recently brought over and registered our 4th RHD car from the UK for use in France.
Why? Cost savings.
An example:
Nissan Terrano 7 seater purchased in the UK for 995 GBP (€1200)
Transport over about €300 (ferries and fuel)
Headlights €75
Carte Grise €200
Certificat de Conformité €130
CT= €70

Total expenditure= less than €2000

Sale price of same model car locally (LHD) in the French market = €4000

50% price reduction.

We will drive the car into the ground.

Example 2:
2006 Zafira bought from the UK quite a few years ago. €3000
Cost of importation/lights/ etc. gave a total of around €3700

Same model same age car was for sale in Muret near Toulouse for €6500 Euros.
Saving about €2500

If you are happy to drive a RHD car in France, and are happy to have a car with very little residual value, then large savings can be made.

That’s why. I’m sorry that it is beyond your comprehension.


Hello Andrew and welcome to the Forum.

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Just to say that I have achieved registration of my UK Citroen through the ANTS website in about 2 weeks. I used the provisional immatriculation certificate to order the plates and arrange insurance. Surprisingly easy


Hi Mark,
That link appears to be down and my local guy (34200) doesnt register foreign cars.
Presumably it doesnt have to be local if all docs are scanned…or does it?
I would do it myself except that I cant seem to log in to France Connect using which seems the only one I can use without having a French phone number. (I am officially still a UK resident) If you know anyone who will do the immatriculation for me please let me know. Many thanks

IIRC, if you are officially a UK resident, you cannot register a car in your name here.

Thanks Martin…But bearing in mind that Carte de Sejours will not be issued til June 2021 what piece of documentation will I need to prove residency?

If you are resident here you will have been completing your declaration des impots sur revenues each year, no?
You said in your earlier post that you are not resident. Being regarded as resident means that you live here, that this is regarded as your normal domicile. Both HMRC and the French tax authorities apply the same standards to ajudge where you are regarded as domiciled.
A CdS is a confirmation that you have permission to reside in France. That was not necessary whilst thw Brexit fiasco dragged out. What is important is where you are officially regarded as living. Where is that, @ukpatco ?
Just as you sg
Hould not register a vehicle to your name in the UK if you live here, you should not register a vehicle in France if you don’t live here.
Note that I wrote “should”, there is nothing to prevent you making a false declaration to the authorities and to your insurance company. You can use an electricity bill as proof of address, passport as proof of ID.
You can have a neighbour do the application for you, or pay a third-party. Either of those will have to declare that you are a resident, if you are not, have a road traffic accident and it starts to unwind they too could be caught up in the mess. A third-partu company may demand more proof of residency to protect themselves from any comeback on a false declaration.
If you are resident this year’s avis des impots sur revenues should be sufficient. Your neighbour will probably take you at your word, and not thank you if it is found not to be true.