New online car registration procedure

(David Martin) #181

Take it to any outlet that makes plates and they will make them for you. Roady, Feu Vert and others provide this service.

(Mark Robbins) #182

Take the temporary one to a brico shed and get your new plates made :grin:. You will get a RAR letter in a few days with the permanent document.

(Mark Weglarski) #183

Thanks for the advice David - much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

(Mark Weglarski) #184

Thanks Mark - appreciated :slight_smile:

(Martin Gray) #185

Not forgetting the key-cutting kiosks found in the foyer of many large supermarkets. They do keys, resole shoes, name plates for houses and vehicle number plates.
The temporary Carte Grise is fine. I do believe that is one of the reasons it is issued in advance; i.e. Get plates, arrange insurance etc.

(Mat Davies) #186

If i were to buy a car from a main dealer in France who can do the registration for me - what documents would they require?

I am not yet registered for Tax in France but I do pay Tax Fonciere & d’Habitation.

Would it be possible for them to register me?

(David Martin) #187

If you buy a car from a dealer they will register it for you. You will need your passport, a utility bill, your driving licence and proof of insurance.

(Mat Davies) #188

Thanks David - would a UK driving licence be sufficient?

(David Martin) #189

Yes, as long as it is in date. Going through a dealer should be a painless and quick experience.

(Andrew M) #190

We have recently brought over and registered our 4th RHD car from the UK for use in France.
Why? Cost savings.
An example:
Nissan Terrano 7 seater purchased in the UK for 995 GBP (€1200)
Transport over about €300 (ferries and fuel)
Headlights €75
Carte Grise €200
Certificat de Conformité €130
CT= €70

Total expenditure= less than €2000

Sale price of same model car locally (LHD) in the French market = €4000

50% price reduction.

We will drive the car into the ground.

Example 2:
2006 Zafira bought from the UK quite a few years ago. €3000
Cost of importation/lights/ etc. gave a total of around €3700

Same model same age car was for sale in Muret near Toulouse for €6500 Euros.
Saving about €2500

If you are happy to drive a RHD car in France, and are happy to have a car with very little residual value, then large savings can be made.

That’s why. I’m sorry that it is beyond your comprehension.


(stella wood) #191

Hello Andrew and welcome to the Forum.

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