New online car registration procedure

(James Eyre) #21

Hi David.

Oh, well done. That clears that up.

I’m still a trifle confused however. Am I to assume that each year, on aquiring the CT we now have to go online to the prefecture and register?

This time In order for my French insurance company to continue to cover me they gave me 30 days to get the Carte Gris or at least all the paper’s in and the stamped receipt.
I got into the prefecture at 3 o’clock Friday afternoon 3rd November. Two days before the insurance deadline.

I hate to think how long it would have taken me to have correctly filled the online version.

All the fun of the fair.


(stella wood) #22


Hi James… once Registration is complete…and you receive your Carte Grise. you can relax…and pour yourself a stiff drink …then stagger in to your Insurance office so that they can take a photocopy of said Carte Grise for their files. :grinning:

You get the CT done every couple of years (?)…You should get a reminder, but the onus is on you to get the test done on time. If all goes well, the Examiner will replace the vignette on your windscreen…absolutely nothing else for you to do but pay-up… around 60/70 euro isn’t it ??

No further contact with the Prefecture… unless/until you change your car…:grin:

(James Eyre) #23

Hi Stella.

Good show. Thanks for that.

I have read so many books and articles, and each one seems to have a
variance, that I have a head full of misinformation, especially regarding

I must say the overall costs of moving to France in general has been about
half of that expected. The majority of reading matter paints a gloomy


(Dave Ellen) #24

Need some help before I commit hari-kari…

My car is french registered so I have to do the change of ownership online.

I have signed up and the previous owner has also signed up and completed the electronic form to give me a code which I assumed then lets me start transferring ownership to me.

Trying to do this and the system recognizes neither the registration number or the code I was given.

Has anyone managed to complete this process ???

(Suzanne Kelly) #25

I have english registered car and am reluctant to try on line registration so hoping an expat I know will go to Bellac with me to complete process in person. Don’t think my Internet connection could cope with the excitement anyway.

(David Martin) #26

If you don’t want to do the paperwork online you will have to pay for a third party, a garage or spares outlet, to do it for you. I believe you can find local third party addresses through the ANTS site.

(Dave Ellen) #27

The site is pretty rubbish TBH. In my case as it doesnt recognise the code given to the seller or the registration number it asks me to fill in a form …which it then says I can’t complete and it doesnt recognise the number…

(Suzanne Kelly) #28

Doesn’t help that the lady at the office is awkward and unhelpful.

(David Martin) #29

Which lady in which office?

(Dave Ellen) #30

latest update - after getting my PIN from the previous owner and that number not being accepted I have learnt that the number I need for the next stage is the PIN number/reference you get when registering for the tax office/la poste online government service.

Would have been nice if this had been made clear at the start of the process …

(David Martin) #31

I thought you needed that information to use any part of the site. You can get a friend of neighbour to log on for you and fill in the details for you.

(Dave Ellen) #32

I was directed to the ants site where I signed up with no problems

No mention of this other place.

Whats frustrating is I do webform design for a living…my forms will always have validation to make sure that the user is prevented from progressing if they don’t have the right credentials. Never mind onwards and upwards

(David Martin) #33

Do you have one of the three passwords that will get you to where you need to be? If not get a friend or neighbour to log on for you. That’s perfectly acceptable they just tick the box to say that they are acting on behalf of another person.

(Dave Ellen) #34

I dont have someone who can do that.

I hope to move over 12th December and the postman is coming to verify me so should be OK

(Martin Gray) #35

Hi Dave Ellen,
How did this work out for you? I have had 5 visits now from La Poste in attempts to get my FranceConnect IDentite Numerique working. Last time they sent someone from the main office because they had already been so many times.
It still doesn’t work for me.

(anon71231711) #36

I assume you do already have one of the other accounts required to get a FranceConnect ID, because if not, it won’t work. It’s not a standalone ID as such, it needs to be linked to one of these 4 accounts.

"Vous avez déjà un compte auprès d’, d’, de La Poste ou de Mobile Connect et moi ? FranceConnect est le bouton qui vous permet de vous connecter aux services publics en ligne en utilisant l’un de ces quatre comptes."

(Martin Gray) #37

Yes Anna,
I do not think that one can obtain FranceConnect account other than through one of those agencies? I used the service provided by La Poste, starting with my La Poste account, of course. I have had my details verified, I have received confrimation that I have an IDentite Numerique. I can login to the website and see my details there. Whenever I use my FranceConnect account on any of the Gouv. web sites I get “Erreur 12”.
According to the support people at FranceConnect it is because “something is missing”, but all fields at ( bar Nom de Naissance ) have a value. According to support people at La Poste evrything should be working, but does not. They can nly suggest trying again. Hence I have now had 5 visits by the La Poste faceur to verfiy my details.
I know that many here have previously maaged to breeze into their Prefecture offices and get their Cartes Grise, or have in the past applied online.
I am curious if anyone starting the process after Novebr 24 2017 has succeeded. If they have then I will keep banging my head on the table until it works. Else, I suspect that the onine switch may have broken this. I did find a comment in the FAQ at the “Mobile Connect et Moi” website regarding my “erreur 12”:

" J’ai une erreur 12 sur FranceConnect après m’être authentifié

FranceConnect vérifie votre identité numérique MobileConnect Et Moi auprès du Répertoire National d’Identification des Personnes Physiques de l’INSEE. Si votre identité Mobile Connect et moi ne correspond pas exactement à une identité du répertoire de l’INSEE, FranceConnect affiche une erreur 12.

Pour figurer dans le répertoire de l’INSEE, il faut :

avoir la nationalité française
ou avoir travaillé en France
ou avoir étudié en France
ou avoir été soigné en France
ou avoir été affilié au régime général (sécurité sociale)

Si vous remplissez une de ces conditions et que vous avez l’erreur 12, merci de nous contacter pour que nous vérifions votre identité numérique.

Si vous ne remplissez pas une de ces conditions, vous ne pouvez pas utiliser FranceConnect.

We are thinking that we shall take a picnic and a few books up to our Prefecture and spend the day in the office trying to resolve this somehow. We have 5 motorycles and one car to get through the system…

(Timothy Cole) #38

I created an account on ANTS via France Connect using my Impots Fiscal Reference and password and am in the middle of the process of re-registering a UK reg van. The thing I don’t like is that the system doesn’t send you email updates so it was only by chance that after logging on one day last week I saw that more information was required.

Good luck visting the Prefecture, ours refused point blank to help.

(anon71231711) #39

The explanation of the error code would fit with other things I have heard/read, in that in order to access online government sites you need to be known to the government (insee) one way or another. Sounds like LaPoste is only good for LaPoste, so your Franceconnect ID should work with LaPoste services (have you tried it) but not government online services. I guess your postie hasn’t previously come across anyone who is not 'in the system".

(stella wood) #40

Hi Tim… I did the same thing ANTS then the IFR etc… and blowed if I can find an update anywhere… my request has been accepted, I have a “works reference number”… but no follow-up info what so ever… nothing… grrrrr