New paintings

A few new paintings I’ve completed recently - all acrylic on canvas
Across the Valleys - 70cms x 70cms

Approaching Storm - 60cm x 60cm

Fish and Flowers - 40cm x 30cm

Fish Fight - 30cms x 30cms


Some nice work there Neil, thanks for sharing.

Thanks Glenn - all for sale at the moment or prints are available:christmas_tree

Unfortunately my walls are adorned already, with my mostly my own efforts…i’ll post one or 2… in another thread.

I wish I could paint. I wish I could sing, but I use my artistic bents in my cooking.

But you can! The first thing to do is looking at things then get some books of drawing recipes and look on YouTube then start drawing which is the basis of all painting. Go on a course or join a local group, you’ll get tons of help. I wish I could sing - but I can! Badly, who cares? I wish I could cook - but I can, not as good as my wife, so I start with a recipe. This week it was roast potatoes using a Nigella recipe in the Sunday Times. Go on, surprise yourself!

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I think you would probably surprise yourself Jane - in a good way.

Great work Neil,love the ‘approaching storm’.

Here’s a painting I did earlier this year, oil on raw linen.

That’s lovely Suzy. I like the expression and colour tones.
Portraits are not my forte…( i think). But now learning to use colour tones/ shading to create contour, in my usual work; so if i had a try i may surprise myself. Trouble is the proportions have to be reasonably accurate, and that is where my problem starts i think.

there is so much talent about… wonderful to see…

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Great colours … she looks as though she might be having an argument!

Well to get proportions Glenn you have to measure and really look. After all drawing is all about looking.

She is 16 yrs old so that could be why!!