New Phone Line installation

Does anybody have experience of UK Telecom (UKT) I need to get a first time phone line and broadband ready for the autumn, but don't have the time to sort out myself. Their service sounds good, but nothing like checking out if others have used them before.

Tony, welcome to France! great to see you are getting invites to aperos already ....

Anyhow, my 2 bits worth, having been there, done that is go with the biggest, most reliable provider in France, esp if you are in the sticks- Orange and they have an Eng tel no. easy should take a few weeks. If previous owners had a number provide that or get neighbours tel nos all this helps set the line up more easily.

Orange is the brand name for French Telecom.

To contact Orange on an English speaking helpline from within France you can call 0969 36 39 00

Mobiles - I would use 'Free'- free calls landline/mobile in France, can set up for call/texts abroad - 1 off 10 euro fee and it only costs 2 euros /mnth no set up /cancellation fee - a bargain!!! what u dont want is a contract nor buying credit like with orange as unlike the UK the credit has an expiry date depending on how much credit u buy.

Oh yes, get the internet with Orange as well if you want of course, we pay about 40 euros/mnth- tel/internet. Depends where u are but we didnt choose Free cos we live at the foot of the mountains and they dont fix problems as fast as Orange which is more established.

Good luck!

Hi Tony, We use LeClerc mobile but as you are so close perhaps you would like to come for an aperitif and we can fill you in. Phone is 05 62 68 73 48. Call for directions, we are easy to find.

We have been with UK Telecom for some 4 years now. We tried others at our old house and I can only say they were less than competent. Our package includes the line rental, the modem, the internet (good speeds where we live in Gondrin), free non-limited landline calls to France Metropolitan and UK. The added advantage however is that we have iPlayer with them for BBC and ITV. Cost is competitive.

We have recently moved to a new house and they organised the installation of the line, for phone and internet. All I had to do was to confirm where the connection was and the number of a neighbour. Simple to do. Our modem did not like moving and it was replaced immediately, so all in all a good service.