New radio station

Announcing the arrival of The Roolz...

A lot of people bemoan the lack of good music radio in France (and elsewhere). Radiophiles are all too aware that the mopping up of terrestrial frequencies by large corporates has produced LESS, not more listening choice. Stations are now operating playlists of 200 - 300 songs and the same music is playing across the board. In the 1960s the UK pirates sought to extend listener choice. They succeeded magnificently. In the 1970s, after the pirates had been scuttled by legislation, ILR (Independent Local Radio) was handed the baton. It was an honourable institution which recognised the individuality of communities and endowed each with its own voice. Somehow, the message got lost. Actually, we do know how - corporate greed and the incompetence of regulators allowed Bauer, Global & their ilk to own everything and to network the same dross to all corners of their respective empires. It's cheap, and the only alternatives are Radios One & Two, obsessed with TV 'celeb' culture. So if you don't want to listen to schmauer or some TV musical meathead you really don't have much choice. Internet radio has, in its way, become the pirate of the hi-tech age. At The Roolz we can offer you an eclectic mix of thousands of titles chosen with loving care, and not pre-approved by a C2, D, E focus group selected with advertisers' preferences in mind. We are broadcasting from one of the prettiest places on the planet, and the serenity & contentment of just being here in France will find its way across to you. The lifestyle will be in the music, both figuratively and literally. Do you know of Benjamin Clementine? Or Christine & The Queens? If not, you soon will. Just go to the player on our website or download TheRoolz mobile app.

'You have to learn the rules of the game, then you have to play better than anyone else' - Albert Einstein

'Learn the rules like a professional, so you can break them like an artist' - Pablo Picasso

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That's brilliant, Sandy! Thank you very much. Keep at it - and spread the word :)

thanks, am listening now and bopping along to Hall & Oates. Looks like a good choice of music .... will add to my favourites!