New range of garden furniture - Regal French Scroll Bench project in the making

I've decided that I'm going to dedicate one day a week to doing something that I love. Yes, I enjoy making balconies, gates etc but I always have so many ideas in my head that I want to realise and never have the chance to. So I thought that if I didn't start doing it now time will fly by and I'll be too old and decrepid to remember where I put the welder let alone what to do with it. So Friday is MY day. My day of experimenting and putting together work that has been stored in my head for far too long.

My first project has been created out of frustration that nothing ever lasts. One thing that drives me crazy is all the badly designed cheap furniture that is being imported. So many of my sun-loungers have broken that I've given up buying them. I've bought garden furniture that's taken off in high winds and tables that have collapsed over winter. So I've started by making a bench. A bench that I hope will be pleasing to the eye, comfortable to sit on, outlast my children's children and not end up in the neighbours garden in the next hurricane! No tubing here - just solid wrought iron.

Welding on the arm

Thats the framework done. Next friday on with the scrolls!

Thank you Barbara. I used to live near not far from Hastings. Ill put progress photos up as I go. All the best Renny

Brilliant idea.

Making things that you need, enjoying the whole process and creating something.

When we had our London restaurant we replaced our chairs with hand made solid

metal chairs created for us by an artisan in Hastings and we have 6 here and they

have live in excess of 14 years and will live forever. They are great.

Good luck with the project.

Love to hear of yhour progress...