New rate increases for autoentrepreneurs

As of January this year the charges have increased.

14 % pour les entreprises dont le commerce principal est de vendre des marchandises, objets, fournitures et denrées à emporter ou à consommer sur place, ou de fournir des prestations d'hébergement,

- 24,6 % pour les entreprises exerçant une activité de prestations de services artisanale ou commerciale
- 24,6 % pour les professionnels libéraux relevant du RSI
- 21,3 % pour les professionnels libéraux relevant de la CIPAV

More info can be found here

Thanks for that clarification, Tracy.

Correct Chris, it is still pay as you earn, although you must still declare each month/trimestre even if it is a '0' declaration. Also, for those on monthly declarations on Net entreprises, the first declaration is not due until the beginning of April as apparently it will take that long to update the system to the new rates.

Am I right in believing that there is still no minimum cotisation payment for AE's ? I have heard rumours that it was going to be introduced in 2013, but have found no reference to this on any website discussing the changes announced at the end of last year. Am I missing something ?

I thought it might be useful to have the link to the FEDEA website here:

Thank you for this extremely helpful site so in fact the price for my band of work has gone from 21.3% plus 0.30% to 26.6% in total. So now I will look for the cost of living rise and add it to this figure and increase my hourly rate - I think one of my clients may move his work to Malaysia as it will be less expensive.

Thanks Tracy, for thoses of you who want news on the AE regime in general, the FEDAE is a great site. I signed up to their news letter, and every month they comment on the regime.
That increase was thoroughly explained, with the laws that they have passed…
Have a good day everyone!

He only costs €190 and is worth ever €

You manage to pay an accountant on AE earnings?

Thank you Tracy. I presume therefore that if I was paying Prestations de services at 21.30% and Formation Professionnelle artisan at 0.30% I wqill now be paying the 24.6% pour le professionnels liberaux relevant du RSI. Therefore an increase of at least 3% to pass on to my clients for my hourly rate and then there is the cost of living rise - any idea where I might find that figure anyone. I would just ask - do they want anyone to work here legitimately. Sorry I have been up for 13 hours as I rise early to work and get my work out. Happy New Year to all - still at least they have not done away with the AE status (yet).

Thanks Tracy - even my accountant had not told me

This was one of the 1st things M. (Commu****) H' said he would do, in fact IIRC he said he would remove the AE 'option' all together, this looks like the outcome . I have already had to stop one of my activities......

and I'm just about to register myself as AE - whoop whoop!

Oh, I am soooo pleased. Just when I get my first bit of real work for what seems like eternity!

very sneaky!

Umm, for some reason it hasn't been given much publicity this time. Kind of snuck in over the Christmas holidays.

Thanks Tracy