New Refuse Collection system

Anyone heard or already using the personal/ “tagged bins” or whatever… rather than just freely putting back bags in the public containers…?

They are being used in North Creuse ( 5 kms from me) not sure how they work.
We still have a fortnightly collection on our rural route (once a week in summer) and the déchetterie ( no cards ) is open to all.

There was a Public Meeting the other week… where the new system was discussed. It is due to be up and running 2021 I think… and bins/whatever have to be ordered well in advance…

Seems they will be a bit like “Linky” and talk to HO, telling them when the bin is almost full… thus lorries can be sent out as and when needed, not simply on a routine week/2 week…

I’m hoping someone is in a commune already using this system…and give me some pros and cons…

and counts the fairies in jesus sandles…

Stop it… you rotter… this is serious…:wink::rofl:

The idea being that the lorry might be sent out twice in one week… if the bins are full… and that would surely be better than having overflowing bins/stinking bins etc etc…

In use in our corner of Morbihan since we bought in 2015 - Maisons secondaires pay up front for 6 vidanges and full-time residents 12, then any extra are added to the following year’s bill; or rather that’s how it used to be done, it’s switching to paying everything in arrears based on the number of times that you use the service so we’re not getting billed this year. You are given a sticker with address & bar-code to attach to your bin.

Yellow sacs are free.

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so you have your own personal bin ??

We are also looking at communal bins, controlled by personal tags… have you any experience of that…

Paul… how big is your bin… and where does it stay… in the road ?

In our part of Sarthe we have free fortnightly collection of recycling (yellow bags) and the poubelles are emptied on the same day (by the same lorry, I think).
We pay in arrears and have 16 “free” refuse collections a year with extras costing 5€.
We pay 160’ish€ a year for refuse, recycling and déchèteries the last needing a card.
The poubelles are numbered and, I believe, micro-chipped so the number is read by a sensor on the lorry when it’s emptied.
Can’t see how a bin would know that it’s full to ask to be collected.

Yes, that’s in use as well - you pay for a tag which opens the bins a set number of times, we haven’t actually bothered although it would potentially make sense at the end of our stay (collection is on Wednesday, alternate weeks except for Jul/Aug).

240l I think, but a variety of sizes are possible.

No, we just put it out on the evening of collection.

While I’m sure no-one would abuse it we lock it away when we’re not in residence.

We put out our black sack (30 ltrs) every 3 or 4 weeks… it is rarely full even then . I am told that even if the sack is not full… putting it into the communal bin (using tag) will count as 1.

Ssomeone asked about being charged by weight…but the decision is: Xnumber of deposits x ??€ will be charged/paid in advance per household.

so much yet to be decided. I want it as cheaply as possible but correctly.

We must not encourage folk to dump in the ditches to avoid paying.

That’s why our déchetterie is open to all comers 3 times a week to discourage ‘fly tipping’. There was a spate a few years back but thankfully haven’t sen any for a while !

Yep - our bins (Ariege 09) were all replaced with tagged / barcoded ones last Summer. The eventual plan is to introduce charging based on use - i.e. the bins are weighed by the collection lorry before being emptied. We have weekly collections which alternate between yellow sacs collection (recycling) and household waste (black wheelies). We were also supplied with indoor and outdoor composters.

We have a whole website dedicated to the enthralling subject
with a number of downloadable publications and flowcharts for some light reading!

All in all it’s pretty thrilling :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

We are on a new system of bin collection. As has always been, the bins are identifiable to each consumer but there is no charge levied, other than that included in the TF or TdH, I can’t remember which. We have smartcards should we wish to use the communal bins or the déchetterie, for which there is also no charge and includes unlimited usage. We continue to have the bins emptied twice a week. Our tenants no longer have the use of our personal bins, but must use their smartcards at the communal bins

At the moment we have individual bins for people living outside the village, (communal large bins in the village), which we pay for depending on the size of your property. We are in the process of being given ‘smart cards’ to access new bins which will only take either 2, 30litre or 1 60 litre sacs, we’ve got ours! from July this year we have to use the new 'smart bins, they will log every time we use them, this is a “study period” In 2020 we will then receive a bill that has a standing charge, 70% of what we pay now plus a charge of 1€ for each time we use the new bins. Our recycling bins will still be free…for now!

We live in a fragrant little armpit of La Manche (50) formed by shoulder of Orne (61) and the collar bone of Calvados (14) and there are no black bags or household bins round here.

All “Tri” items go in communal bins located discreetly in out-of-sight places, and household ordures are left out after 1800 weekly in see-thru bags to be whisked away at dawn by cheery men in orange overalls.

See-thru bags are distributed quarterly at the Mairie where thé Sourdevalais (es) queue up patiently to get their quota, and have their names and addresses checked by a young woman with a lap-top, who also hands out the bags. Not very ergonomic, sit down to use lap-top, stand up to issue roll of bags, sit down for next resident etc She also has to stop periodically to replenish rolls from basement store.

But very friendly, egalitarian and no signs so far of tagging or charges. The local waste management syndicat Is based in Mont St Michel.

We have the tagged/barcode bins here in Creuse (23) supplied by Evolis 23, had them for almost a year now and it works really well. We were able to choose what size bins we required and were given lots of ‘bedtime reading’, booklets, charts etc as well as a plastic card to gain access to the larger communal bins if we should ever need to use these. There is no charge on the amount of recycling we put out each fortnight but the general waste is charged on the weight, which can only be a good thing as it makes people think about just what is going in the bins.

Now then - this is a topic close to my heart - in fact so close it drives me bonkers!!

My MIL in Norfolk, back in the old country, has complete and utter OCD about bins - she has 3 of them. One for general (grey), one for recycling (green) and one for garden rubbish (shitty brown with an annual additional charge!).

Norfolk council has strict rules about what may be placed in each colourful bin e.g. cans and jars placed in the gorgeous green bin (for recycling) MUST be THOROUGHLY washed prior to being placed in said bin. This adds greatly to the OCD ‘issue’.

Each bin has to be rolled to the end of her driveway on a specific day at a specific time - luckily by one of my poor BIL’s. ‘Bin Panic’ sets in at least 2-3 days before said bin actually needs to be in position. There are many ‘reminder’ phone calls exchanged before the mission is actually accomplished. Again - adding to the OCD ‘issue’.

Whenever my dear Lynda speaks to my dear MIL I can guarantee that at least 30% of the phone call will be around bins. It’s a bloody nightmare. A face-to-face discussion turns into an episode akin to Game of Thrones!

This thread has only helped to increase the pain I currently suffer about all things related to bins - thanks @Stella :wink:


We’ve not got our own bins…we’ve only just been given house numbers in our hamlet of 18 houses…there are four big containers on the road that runs through…two for recycling and two for household rubbish…

We don’t have one for glass…so I take jars and bottles with me when I go out in the car…the nearest glass container is about a mile and a half away…x :slight_smile:

If I start on about bin collections in uk I’ll probably end up on a massive rant…x :smiley:

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We don’t have our own bins down in the south of Creuse, or house numbers. Afaik, changes to bin collection have never been discussed at a commune level. I’d be interested - sort of, to know much those that do have a tagged/barcoded/ gizmo/hi-tech bin pay, is it per kilo, per bag? I really have no idea.

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