New Regulations regarding inspections

Thanks Wendy,

Your place looks lovely, almost as beautiful as the Clunysois!

We only have one rental unit our "Little House".

I don't want to advertise in France as I am concerned that people are now able to bring their pets with them and I can't refuse, I am asthmatic and we will have oak parquet floors that could easily be damaged by animals. We have seen that Gites de France is still asking if you want to bring a pet. Is this another french law that only gets enforced when someone complains?

I would be very interested to see what the criteria are and what I have to fill out.

Also, what does your commune charge you?


We have just done this this last week with - cost Euro170 a gite (we have 3 - ) - in fact from next year you have to be registed to take advantage of the tax break yes

I found the star rating rather stupid - depending on size of rooms / number of toilets per person... I can send you the details on what you need to fill out and what you need to be to get a star rating - we got a 4 star rating in the end.

But was the same as you - couldn't care less about a star rating - sell well enough already - just did it for the tax break.

Me thinks you can actually advertise rather the tourist board once you have the star rating too.. ??