New requirement to pay CFE online?

Am I right in thinking that this new requirement to pay the CFE online only applies to those of us who are turning over more than 80,000e? Or have I got it wrong? And has anyone managed to register successfully to do this? I am hearing mixed reports and we all know how wonderfully efficient websites are.......

We received only an email from our local tax office, with the information on what to do. No documents in the post.

Thanks Peter. I am assuming that at some point we will receive a document in the post with all the ins and outs. I wonder what people are supposed to do if they don't possess a PC, internet? Not to mention the fact that not everyone wants to divulge their bank details on line?

"Attention, à compter du 1er octobre 2014, le télépaiement de la CFE deviendra obligatoire pour toutes les entreprises, quels que soient leur régime d’imposition et leur chiffre d’affaires."

See @

It will be interesting to know. I think it says something here about being more than 100,000, but I must admit I didn't read it properly, as I fell asleep after the first paragraph ;-)