New roof on stable

I am just about to commence removing and renewing the roof on our stable which is attached to the house. It is planned to convert to habitation. It is about twenty metres long. I only plan to do one side at present as the other can be patched for this coming winter as there are about fifty slipped slates but otherwise it is okay until spring 2019.
The side in poor condition has to be stripped and then inspected and, I suspect, about 50% of the demi chevrons and volige will have to be replaced. Then I will felt it and it will at least be waterproof and the structure will no longer be compromised.
My question concerns the size of the slates that I use. In the past I have always used 27 x 18 slates from Spain which I can get for about 22 cents a slate. I am aware however that though this seems to be the default size other options are available such as 20 x 30. Apart from the economics that I can work out for myself are there any advantages or disadvantages in using larger slates that I am overlooking? There is the aesthetic factor but that is personal choice.

Your advice or experiences would be welcomed. Maybe there are even new technologies I should be considering.

The only slight difference in using slightly larger slates is that you may use less batten and slate hooks. Have you thought about using flat ardoise mechanical tiles, 10 /m2, definitely much less battening, and look fairly good too. Imerys do matching interlocking rives too.
Btw, I would be surprised if there were demi chevrons in the roof, and if half need changing, might be better to do them all now

Well I said demi chevrons Mark as they are in between. Specifically they used 50 x 50 and spaced them at 25cms going out to 30cms in places. In some sections they are in very good condition but any advice on what to use when replacing appreciated.
Back to the tiles…at present the existing tiles are 16 x 21. So from what you say tile sizes are just a question of preference and economics.
What are these flat ardoise mechanical tiles? Any chance of a link please? I cannot find any reference in usual sources…….LaRiviere, Celt Ardoise, Leroy Merlin etc. Do you still use volige or always battens? Is there any cost advantage on a fairly big roof (100 m2 each side).
Thanks in advance.

Hi Damian

I know that recent newcomers discussed things with the Mairie… to ensure that the tiles they intended using on their renovation… were acceptable… :thinking: areas do differ in their regulations… but what has your Mairie said about things?

That is in hand thanks Stella. Now just trying to determine market options. Anyway it is a fairly wide spread here in the Morbihan although very predominantly ardoise which is all I am asking about.

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Personally I would use chevrons every 50 cm, battened down breathable membrane (along the same line as your chevrons) and then counterbattened to hang the tiles. At least if you change all the chevrons, you’ll have a chance of getting a level roof. Just use police for the external underneath eaves and rives instead of the membrane.

A nail gun helps!

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Thanks for the link. They co look good but must be a lot more expensive than traditional ardoise.

The tiles aren’t too bad, probably about 20€/m2 (2 each). I did my mill (220m2) about 10 years ago at a cost of under 6k, including batten and volige. The most expensive bits were the interlocking rives, half tiles, ridge and end caps. I got a couple of quotes from local builders merchants and played one off against another to get a better deal, free delivery etc - if you don’t ask…:joy:

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