New Schenegen electronic system

My wife and I arrived at Gdansk airport yesterday. We noticed that new devices ressembling cameras had been installed a couple of metres from each passport control booth. The official asked me how long I would be staying after a lot of thumbing through my passport and then asked me to go to the camera. What a faff - camera giving me instructions - too high, too low, step back etc. When it told me to give a neutral expression I couldn’t help but laugh but I doubt other passengers waiting were amused. It took several minutes. The official told me it was a trial for the new Schenegen system which I assume will remove the need for passport stamps. Has anyone else seen a new installation at airports or ports? I was imagining how this might work with large numbers of people arriving from outside the Schenegen area.

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Terminal 2 CDG has these installed, but it is not just in Europe, the same cameras have been in use at DFW for a while, the system uses facial recognition technology to compare the person and the passport image.

Are these similar to the electronic passport gates? Or something different?

At Gdansk they were different and sited apart from the usual automated passport check cameras. They were in each queuing lane for immigration staff one camera per lane.