New system of Income Tax

We’re feeling smug… certificates amassed, spreadsheet done, and everything ready when blue form popped through the door yesterday. So done & dusted!


I keep saying that I will do that and have it all prepared but somehow a ‚Äėspanner‚Äô seems to be thrown in with all my good intentions !:thinking:


I’m part way getting our stuff prepared… too many other things keep popping up… and priorities change like the weather…

It will be done soon… maybe not today, not tomorrow… but … soon…:roll_eyes::grin:

Well we have the motivation that we are off south for 3 weeks, and no way am I taking tax papers on holiday with me!

Now then Jane that’s just the sort of motivation I am in need of ! Have a great holiday with lots of fun in the sun :slight_smile:

Coming up for two years resident as inactif… this will be my second return…hoping it’s plain sailing on line and via mobile…(still got to chase up my Carte Vitale…) x :slight_smile: