New to France

Hello to all...I am moving to France in July, with my Family.Both me and my wife are 35 and have 2 little girls (2yrs/8mnths).We are interested in meeting people in our area, Dept 82 Lamagistere.we are here at the moment until 5th May, if anyone wants to meet before then.

ha hope not ^^

It will be a pleasure, and best of luck with the job hunting!

Hi Hope, yes Jo is coming to see you (if she doesn't get lost on the way)!

Hi Kathrin

Thanks for your reply, you're not that much older! I think you were speaking to my wife, Jo, a few weeks ago, on another discussion?

I've sent you a friend request.

Hi Lynn

We would love to come and visit some time as we love animals and would be nice to meet new people.

If it is ok with you I will message you again when we return to France in July.

We are only here for another week and i have to use that time trying to find a job, so should be able to meet up when we return to our new permanent home.

Look forward to meeting up soon


Hi lyn

i'm butting in here and completely changing the subject it's about your cat rescue...

Do you actually keep cats on your premises?? I'd actually like to ask a favor if you could contact me on



Hi David,

We aren't far from you in Miramont de Quercy, about 20 minutes away.

Our children have grown up here and are now 19 and 16. I run the Cat Rescue and Rehoming Charity, Chats du Quercy, and you'd be welcome to visit us with your girls.

Best wishes


Ha well you already have me .. Jo is coming to see me in Dunes next week :) I will admit though there aren't many english with younger children in the area!! unless they are all really good at hiding themselves ha :)

Hi David,

We live in St Nicolas de la Grave, maybe 15-20 mins from Lamagistere. We and our children are slightly older than you young folks (52, 43, 12 , 10), but you are very welcome to come in for a chat. We also have a play area in the garden, which may be interesting for your 2 year old. I remember we always went to the nice (if very small) play park near the little lake in Lamagistere, have you taken your children there? If you want to get in touch, I think you have to add me as a friend? Am not so used to using a forum, as you can see......

Hi David,

Welcome to the group. Unfortunately, I am down in the Hautes-Pyrenees, so a little far to come. but I am sure others will be along soon :-)

Good luck with the move.