New to Group

Bonjour à tous! am new to the group! I live in Paris, I am retired but write a blog about the challenges of living in Paris as a Non-Francophile, as well as about food!

@Jill, no I don’t twitter…

You’re welcome! BTW, do you have a Twitter address then I can add you to the Paris twitter link.

Jill and Drew, thank you so much for the welcome.

Jill absolutely post, I saw keiths site and will post it as a fav on my blog.

Drew, great site as well and will post to my blog too.

Amicalment à tous!


Hi Randy and welcome! Just looked at your blog it's really good! Would you like to put it on our website for Paris area free? have a look at it will give your latest 5 postings from your RSS feed and will be featured on the front page in rotation order.

Also I think you would be interested in looking at one of Keith's other website called where he reviews, shares and promotes other people’s Life in France experiences as described in their own blogs and websites.

If you are interested in gardening, I host that section as well, but not sure if you have a garden in Paris need to read more of your blog!

Anyway enjoy it on here, it's a good site.