New to Narbonne!

Hi All. I have just arrived in Narbonne and wondered if there is a British community or group I could join. I’m here alone with my two little dogs. Would be nice to meet people in the area. Any information would be much appreciated. Thanks

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There is a French- English association which might be a good place to start.

Hi Bernadette,

I suggest joining the LILs (Ladies in Languedoc) which is a Facebook group. They meet up regularly for social events and there are lots of exchanges of information and ideas on the facebook page. I believe there is also a regular English book exchange and coffee morning in Lezignan about once a month but I’ve never been as I work. You will usually find a few friendly Brits at the French classes at the Maison de la Formation and the MJC.

Welcome to Narbonne!

Yes LiLs is a fabulous group. Great resource for any and everything. And lunch get together and parties, etc.

Hi Bernadette

There is a book exchange in Lezignan every month held at Macdonalds if you look at LFN on google then you can sign up for the newsletter which will tell you what dates and times etc. There is always coffee and biscuits and it can be a way to meet friends

I will be permanently moving to a small village near Lezignan December next year so I will be joinging a few associations and groups to make new friends and get involved.

I will certainly join the FB group as it sounds the sort of thing I need before moving.