New verb = To do a Boris

New verb = To do a Boris has many meanings:

-To over promise then under deliver

-To lie through your teeth

-To make a shambles of a solvable problem

-To give huge amounts of public money to your rich friends

How would you define doing a Boris?


In Oz they would call it a series of screaming big Uies. What a complete moron.


-Not admitting the exact number of children you have.

+Not managing to stay faithful to poorly wife.


Don’t you mean not knowing! :grin:


Making rules for other people, but ignoring them yourself…

(Remember as mayor of london in charge of planning he attached an authorised shed-like thing to his listed home…and then had to remove it)

  • Never taking responsibility for anything.
  • Having no conscience whatsoever.
  • Being a pathetic bumbling clown.
  • Wrecking the country.

If you had had a child by Boris would you want to advertise that fact?


Not really, but presumably you would want some maintenance, so he must know.

reminds me of my first job on leaving school as a junior clerk in a Magistrates’ Court Child Maintenance office… often had to go searching in the clock tower for dusty old Bastardy orders.
Shame they changed the name of the order… right up Doris’ street :grin:

Not very nice for the children involved.
Me being one of them.

I was referring of course to the fathers Jane… not the children

Presumably the fathers were not the bastards though, although the wording of the order refers directly to their bastard children.

they often were but of course, not in every case…


It really wasn’t in the best of taste Graham.

Please, please, please let him ring me - I would love to have a little chat and tell him exactly what I think of him and his bunch of criminals.


neither is Doris’ insistence on shagging all and sundry and leaving them with illegitimate children :roll_eyes:


He doesn’t do it on his own.

you mean… as in a ménage à trois? kinky!

My inner pedant has crept out of the potting shed…this is not a new verb, as the verb “to do” has been around for a while. It’s a new juxtaposition with a proper noun.


Haha Jane, it bothered me too but didn’t dare say anything. The correct verb would be “to Boris” but that doesn’t really work!
I also have a severe, and out of proportion, dislike for errant or incorrectly used apostrophes. I am, of course, far too polite to point these out to anybody. :wink:
Izzy x

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