New Year Events in the Creuse

Anyone based is 23 seen any new year events advertised? Fireworks? A fair? Have the kids with me… they won’t want a 7 course meal…

Hello Richard
You don’t say whereabouts in the Creuse you are so I have posted this link that has details of what’s going on and where …

If you are looking for something to do with them during the daytime there is also this …it’s near Gueret and well worth a visit.

If they like Asiatique food then the Royal Wok at Gueret is a good place to go. You pay on entry and everything is included, drinks, sodas, tea, coffee and wine. Lots of choices and something for everyone.

Good luck and Happy New Year !

Royal wok is very good, 16€ at lunchtime (bit more in the evenings), eat and drink as much as you like (or can😊). Eat the ready cooked stuff or get the chefs to cook you something special. Unlimited draught beer (stella) or bottled, cider, wine, fizz, water, etc etc.